Saturday, September 27, 2008

Menggatal gurls went to the island

Recently, we made a trip to the island of Manukan, with three angels from menggatal. The trip was made after our meet up at Ebebs parents anniversary. We decided that it was a good idea to make a trip to the tiny island which includes Ebeb, Becca(ebeb's younger sis) and G zelle, a finalist of the MyStar LG that is going to be held next month. So lets enjoy what I've took. Man they were sizzling!

Lets started with this very young but full of potential 'not a model yet' girl, Becca. She isnt really into modelling, since she's still studying. She came just for fun, but as usual photographers persuasion, we managed to drag her along for the photo shoot. She is the younger sister of Miss Kaamatan and Miss Shenanigans winner, Ebeb.

The second featurer is Ebeb herself. She showed what her sister supposed to do.

Finally, is G'zelle. She's quite a regular on the local modelling scene having been featuring to some of the fashion shows, and also participating a few pageants with a respectful results. But most of all, she is also representing Sabah as a finalist for the MyStar LG TV3 which is going to be held next month. So guys, lets support our fellow Sabahan!


Isa said...

uik.. aku pun org menggatal juga.. tp nada kena bawa pun.. ekekeke.. :p

roy2lips said...

silap2 besodara kamu nie.. heheh

Isa said...

mangkali tau.. hehehe... sy tanya dulu beliau sy... ekeke..