Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malam bersanding, Anchun dan Anne

Ok as promised, this was later of the night, from the earlier post, which is about the 'akad nikah' ceremony. Since it is too common to show the cake cuttings, wud love to share something that I really loved. Taking candid shots! I love candid shots because that is when a person show its true emotions, without rehearsing.

I know this girl for a long time now, but I'm not sure if she knows me.
The dining table still have spots to sit, plenty of em, but these guys wouldnt care less. They are just minding their own business at the supporters bench back there. Seems like they are enjoying the night.

Was waiting for something to happen while dinner is served, and happened it did. The brides were fooling around, playing feed me feed you. Can't he pick a bigger spoonfull? haha

One busy video girl.

Dinner is about to be served.

They went to change to their second set of wear, from pink to yellow

This was the second time within the same months that I've been hired in Kota Belud. Always loved having to go back to the place where I once grew up!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics.

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