Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kinarut trip

Well enough ramblings. Continue with my photographical(got such words..?) journeys.

Last Sunday, we went to Kinarut. Nothing official. It's just one of our ways to feed our passion in photography. It was a four person outing. Igy, Wendell, Tom and me. Igy and Wendell(Both nikonian) went earlier. Me and Tom(both Canonites) went ahead way later. But Kinarut? what in the name.. what can we take there??.. as I was saying. But hey, I need to test my new 70-200mm f2.8(For a normal non photographer person, this is a lens, which caused me my whole month salary)..

Well, my sinisteric scepticism is indeed non-sense. I was spoilt with photographic opportunities. The lonely streets. Classical coffeeshops. Wooden old houses. Anyway, I should let my photos do the speaking..
We went to this place near the train station. This typical JKR signboard is luckily still intact.

I caught these two elder, somewhat having the same pose. They are waiting for the bus i think.

This building still stand strong, though as if a great wind seems to be able to bring it down.

Another photos I took which I really felt its gloomy classical feeling. It is one of the shophouses on one of the old buildings

I really liked the old windows there. This one here reminds me of Windows 98. Dunno why. Especially after taking the earlier window photos, which the color resembles the latest version of windows. If any of you felt the same way, do let me know!

Anyway, this is a few shots I took. We went on to a church near by to take more photos. And then we went to the abandoned train tunnel, which I never thought existed. Will upload photos again pretty soon.


Dolly MJ said...

pigi Tawau tanam koko,
singggah karaoke suara sarut,
Bila tingu gambar ko,
nda sabar sia mo pi kinarut.

* Kinarut-remind me of someone i missed so much.

roy2lips said...

nice pantun, dolly sis.. :)

mind sharing the story, of who u miss actually there?? heheh

Dolly MJ said...

Roy, hehehe ada la tu, rahsia..