Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sabah FA new imports

A familiar grounds for Sabah FA, as the Malaysian Super League now allows foreign imports to participate, maximum two for each team. Sabah didnt take long to get their choice, through the influence of once mighty Rhinos hero, Scott Olle, have now signed two Aussies(One of them is probably is Malaysian). Introducing the new, Brendan Gan and Michael Baird. Seen here, from their first centralized training at Penampang Stadium, together with Scotty himself! The last time Sabah had an Aussie import was Robbie Gaspar which the Rhinos managed to reach the Malaysian Cup Final, but humbly beaten by MPPJ(Arestogui to be exact)

Been a'while

Been wahile since I've posted a new entry on my blog. But maybe the best is saved for last! But ofcourse it wont be my last entry, as I have been doing a lot of stuff worth sharing, especially my photos. Been busy this few month hence I am slow in updating my blog.. but I hope u guys wud giv a peek this few weeks onwards, as not only I wud be sharing photos, but also promos on my photography service!