Monday, November 2, 2009

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009

Halloween night!

Well, like last year, I went to the gathering since I was the early few who registered. Since I culdnt know most of the people who'd be coming, so I decided to invite the 2004 Unduk Ngadau Queen, miss Ivonne. On such a short notice, not only she agreed, but also put on a stunning outfit as a cowgirl. Well I came as a StarTrek Crew. haha..

I didnt get to take many photos, as I just feel like sitting down. But here are some anyway.. ;)



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Theme B, for Bubble

The next character continues. Introducing Fayelina, the bubbly girl. Through some freak accident when she was a small girl, Fayelina keep producing bubble everywhere she goes. The bubbles would increase, if her emotion or adrenaline rushes.. She can produce bubble strong and big enough to carry her around..

It's ironic, coz I'm a bubbly girl..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Opener:Wedding season is coming around! Hurry up and ask me for quotes, and book me, coz the slot is filling in fast! And if you book early, even if I'm occupied on your wedding date, I might be able to find you an equally(or better) wedding photographer at an affordable price!

Ok guys, I know, I know, when is my next theme.. but that is a good question. I was planning on something else these few weeks, which made me go idle on this theme photoshooting. And all the while I also had been planning for the remaining few themes, some which I've already assigned, and some which still needs deep considering. So for those who is still waiting for your turn, Im so sorry to keep u guys waiting, but hey, what can I do.. I promise it will be soon ok?.. :)

All the while, this activity I had done really gave me new experience. I learn more on my photography skills, and I also learned how to set up something, from nothing. Apart from that, Ive been meeting alot of new peoples(especially those themed girls models ;) ) ..All of you are gorgeous! and thanks for being so frenly as well.. Its great to see some of you had been noticed, and in hot demands. Proud to be the first to introduced you! :) :)

Some of you might question my motif of doing all these hard work for free?? .. Well, apart from having the chance to meet bunch of hot, stunning girls you might ask?? Well, there is a motive. But it's too soon to reveal. It will benefit many, especially the photography industry. And you need to stay tuned to find out. But basically, its about sharing opportunities. Coz sharing is caring.

So apart from that, do stay tune for the theme photoshooting finale, as it will be an explosive one. See ya around guys!

Oh yaa by the way, .. If you still think you should be featured in my blog, and you think you got what it takes to be a model, but havent got a stepping stone, you can still send me your profiles, and if you might not get involved on this one, I might consider doing some other photoshooting activities..

PS: Wedding season is coming around! Hurry up and ask me for quotes, and book me, coz the slot is filling in fast!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Theme P, for Princess

Introducing princess Tina. Tina is also the daughter of the King. She had done whatever she can to please her father so that she can one day become the Queen. But she is always upset for the treatment she gets, compared to her younger sister Deizi, which their father preferred more to be a Queen.

Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the rightful of them all. I hope u answer wisely or u'll be the tenth mirror for this month!

Be sure to follow as this story is heading towards the grand finale!

The Theme U, for Umbrella

As this ongoing theme continues, Ive reached the letter U, for Umbrella.. now I'm introducing the next character, miss Deizi.

Here, she is the daughter of a King oh this country but arent intimidated by the title she'll be holding and just want to live a normal happy life. She loves taking a stroll outside, and most of the time with her fancy dress and an umbrella.But for her own safety, the 'Twins' are hired to guard her wherever she went which they are not pleased with it, since the carelessness nature of Deizi made the task twice as complicated.

Yeah I live in a palace, but its alot more fun outside.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Theme D, for Doll

As the character introduction continues, now we reached the letter D, which is for Doll.. It is portrayed by the lovely model, Fiona..

Now Fiona is a plastic Doll, but is brought to life by her master owner, the powerful witch Loura, mainly to do her deeds. She only appears as a human form when her master gives her a task, and became a lifeless doll again as she completed her task and came back home.
I'm no barbie!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Theme N, for Nymph

Introducing Dazeree, the nymph of the forest.. She is amongsth the the tree, the flowing water of the river, and the blooming flower of the woods.. She is responsible for the well being of the lost lonely child of the woods, Domithila until she can take care of herself in the woods, where she wards off wild animals, and provide fruits and water. But even though almost as if being a stepmother Domithila never knew her existence..

Follow the full story! ;)

Though shall love the beauty of the nature, for it is the only thing beautiful left in this world

The Theme L, For Luna.. The moon

The activities of the night are most of the time influenced by the moon.. The sea tide, the light it gives when its full, the measurement of most calendars, and many other things.. But the main mechanic engine that controls it is Serra, the Luna princess. The gravity of the moon doesn't come from the center core of the moon, but from her. She is the watchful eyes of the earth when the sun is shining at the other side of the earth..

If one more cow jumps over this moon, I'm having beef for supper..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Theme R, for Redneck

Introducing Sofiey, a typical country girl who loves to hang out at the old Train station while taking a break from her farm chores.. Nothing so special about her, except for the fact that she had witnessed weird happenings right behind her secret spot where she likes to have a time alone, by the river, times and time again.. One incident, where while sitting next to a rock, suddenly the weather becomes too cold almost freezing the river stream when suddenly from above, a giant snowball landed. After hiding on a tree nearby, she witnessed the snowball melts quickly, and a human lady shape appears, and went deep inside the jungle.. as fast as she can realize whats happening, the lady has vanished into the deep jungle, and the wheather comes back to normal.

Follow the story soon.. ;)
Care to join me for a train hopping joyride??

The Theme I, for Inferno

Several centuries back, the legend has it that the widow of the chinese voyager who left her wife in sorrow has immortally remained at the mountain by the gods of the mountain out of pity, by combining her one with the mountain which is visible until now, where her face is forever facing the sea.

But the one secret that people never find out is, the widow was actually pregnant at that time. as the sorrowful mother remains together with the mountain, a daughter was born, and became the core of the mountain which makes the mountain, an actual not yet active volcano which it will eventually, as the child comes of age. But after centuries when the time actually arrives, when she was supposed to erupt, the tenderness of her mother transformed her into a fine young lady, instead of a Volcano. But she is still a fiery light glowing Inferno, where her temperature can rise up to an exorbitant heat, and if she gets more frustrated and angry, she can still actually trigger the volcanic eruptions, which luckily until now she can still manages her anger. Except for one case when she caught her boyfriend cheating.. :

An earthquake which measured more than 4 on the Richter scale in the late 80s cracked support pillars of the SM Ranau Teachers' quarters to such an extent that teachers were advised to vacate the multi-storey building. In that incident, a forested mountain ridge behind Ranau was found split across the top by long, inch-wide fissures.

I wasnt bragging when I claimed to be the hottest girl alive!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Unduk Ngadau State Level 2009

Well, I am having a break for the thematic photoshooting, as we are in a tight scheduled month, especially for the Kaamatan season..

So here I want to share the winners of Unduk Ngadau State Level for 2009, at Hongkod Koisaan KDCA, starting from the Gala night, where the subsidiary title of Miss Friendly was won by miss Beaufort, and miss natural beauty by Tamparuli

On the Grand event itself, here is the top 7, 7th is from Likas, 6 Tuaran, 5 is Keningau, 4th is Tamparuli and the three winners..

And the winner is from Papar, Miss Appey Rowena, 2nd is DBKK, Miss Pearl Dianne and 3rd, Miss Kimberly Joanne..

THis is the most tightly contested Unduk Ngadau events ever(claimed by me) as it is like playing the russian roulette to choose who wud win.. But adat pertandingan, ada menang ada kalah.. So congrats for the winners!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Theme F, for Frost

Today, from the beautiful make up of Mr Palas, from Real X Saloon, I represent to you the latest character, Mathilda! The Frost lady.. She is the descendant of a secret Civilization from the frozen Planet of Pluto, where her family was dropped down to earth exactly before the Ice Age. As they settled down on the North Pole, and watching time goes by while strengthening their empire, it seems that the world is getting warmer and warmer by the hand sof destructive humans. They sent out their favorite daughter right in the tropics to scout whats going on...

Be sure to follow the full story coming soon!..

Dad I said I wanted a holiday. Tropical Paradise was not what I had in mind!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Theme O, for Oracle

Makeup By Palas, of Real X Saloon..

As the character introduction continues, now is the time to introduce to you, Tini. The Oracle.. She is the fierceful lady, she is the creature of light. The light manipulation she produce enables her to be able to predict someones future.

You are so predictable!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Theme H, for Hat

Remember, make up By Real X saloon! Mr Palas.. hehehe

Introducing Loura.. She represents the letter H theme, which is for Hat.. She is a powerful witch, which only can manipulate her spells towards her targeted victims whenever she wore a special Hat.. She would only be roaming the streets at night and vanished by the hint of a sunlight..

Full story of ther character coming soon...

But It wasnt by my spell guys keeps falling for me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Theme T, for Twin

My story continues with the Letter T. This time introducing two lovely sisters, Shane and Irva. The story is like this. These two teenager is as normal as any ongoing youngsters out there. But little that anyone know about their military regime training background past..

Be sure to follow their story coming soon...Taking care of the president is a much easier task than taking care of you..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Theme W, for Woods.. sneaks

Makeup by Mr Palas, of Real X Saloon. ;) .. if u ever have a visit to his Saloon at kompleks Asia City, try mentioning about me and my blog. He might be happy, and might give you discount! haha.. but no promise there ok!

Introducing miss Domithila!(again with the unique names.!).. She represents the theme for the letter W, which is Woods. Here, she is a lonely girl who was lost in the woods, but managed to survive until she is a fine young lady.. throughout the process, she managed to learn the language of the forest, and comunicates with the wild.. Be sure to follow the full story!

Give me shelter, for you are my only hope, mr Tree

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Theme M, for Metro .. sneaky

Again, million thanks again for Mr Palas of Real X Saloon for his great touch for this session..

Now, introducing to everybody, Ms Rescyka( I wonder, how come all of you has a very unique name!).

She is the high IQ gifted girl, who roamed the city Metropolitan.

The present should be more futuristic than it is. It's like living in the past! Sigh~..!

Be sure to follow the full story...

Monday, April 20, 2009

The theme S, for Salsa.. sneak peak..

First of all, I am proud to announce that I am sponsored by Mr Palas, from Real X Saloon. Everyone can visit this gifted make up artist, and hairstylist at his saloon at ground floor, Asia City Complex!

I identified my 2nd model for the second theme.. well, not exactly in an alphabetically order, but it is at the right moment to choose the letter S, for Salsa.. featuring Pachara! Do follow me for the complete theme storyline.. but for now, a quick peak..

The latino girl, Salsa dancer by passion, a killer by hiring..

You aint going nowhere enamorado..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Behind the scene, on Apple theme

Well, this blogspot layout is not really ideal for youtubes new widescreen video iguess, so I'm just gonna leave you a link, and you can check it out.. once you are there, pls be sure to click the 'HQ' sign on the bottom right for a better quality

Behind the scene video

Cheerios.. keep updated!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates: Photoshooting Model Search Good news!

Somebody who is following closely on my progress is waiting anxiously for my activity to kick starts! Although officially it had begun, but I have yet to commit further, and still on the process of arranging a theme, and pairing it with suitable models who had applied. And to speed things up, he(who wud like to remain anonymous) is willing to sponsor some sort of prize to a winner! I'm not sure yet what that prize is(or maybe how much *wink wink*..), or to win what. But he is the type of guy who wudnt mind buying an iMac Pro, just to know how it works!

So, If you would like some incentives to motivate you, Now is the time to be motivated!

There is also a few entries from overseas, I thank you so much for your interest! But as I have no budget to go there(though how much I would love to) I have to hold on to your applications for awhile. So for not totally disappointing you, I would try to make this program open for sponsors who is willing to contribute! But until then my lovely models from out there, keep biting your fingernails.. heheh..

So anyone who have the heart of gold, or whether you are a boutique owner who wants your items to be used, or a makeup artist, or whatever drop me an email too! I will mention your names loud and clear to promote your names or outlets!

Like I've stated earlier, My theme is alphabetically order from A to Z. I have chosen a theme for a few alphabets, and will update from time to time. Theme chosen is something which is foreign, and uncommon locally.

Here is the list of alphabets:
A- Apple(Done, with Ivonne)
B- Bubble(Done, with Fayelina)
C- Chair(Done, with Ika)
D- Doll(Done, with Fiona)
E- Elves
F- Frost(Done, with Mathilda Amanda)
G- Ghost
H- Hat(Done, with Loura)
I- Inferno(Done, with Tantinny)
J- Jester(Done, with Dyssha)
K- Kimono
L- Luna(Done, with Sera)
M- Metro(Done, with Rescyca)
N- Nymph(Done, with Dazeree)
O- Oracle(Done, with Tini)
P- Princess(Done, with Tina)
Q- Queen(Done, with Farah)
R- Redneck(Done, with Sofiey)
S- Salsa(Done, with Pachara)
T- Twin(Done, with Shane featuring Irva)
U- Umbrella(Done, with Daisy)
V- Vampy(Done, with Cynthia)
W- Woods(Done, with Domithila)
Z- Zebra(Done, with Calista)

.. Ok, so far, the only thing is confirmed is there will be a prize!! So I automatically convert this 'activity' to a 'Competition'. I need to do a postmortem on what type of Competition this is, then I will be giving you updates! Participation is open until all slot is fully filled.

Thank you for following.

Earlier post on this program

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My photoshooting model search, officially begins.. starting with A, for Apple

For my recently announce activity, I've done a small launching, by inviting miss Fharrelyne Ivonne Henry as the model. She was our Unduk Ngadau State level winner, back in 2004.

To begin my first photoshoot, I starts with a theme which is by the initial letter 'A', and wud be serialized to B, C ... until Z ..

So the first one is Themed Apple.

It was done somewhere along the road to Tuaran, along the coastal beaches of Dalit.. although my series here doesnt look like its anywhere near a beach.

The activities include setting up an apple using a not-an-apple tree. Bought a few pieces of apple from the supermarket. Hang one or two apples up a tree(by piercing it through the pointy small branches) and i got myself an apple tree. Wanted to do grapes, but its tad expensive(Bagus lagi langsat!)

other than that, is just point and shoot. But I wont use si Ivon for a fashion like shots.. I intend to make it more of a storyline, where she has to portray herself in that story.

Well, still have no idea what I'm talking about?? Don't forget to follow my blog.. will make a short story, and also be including some video.

Red apple is jealous, coz he is the ripe, he is the bright, but instead Ivonne choose Mr Green!
"mr Red:Why I oughta..!!" .. coming soon..

Anyway, the search is still on! ---> Photoshooting Model Search


Monday, April 6, 2009

Photoshooting model search! 2009

OK, a more official approach to my activity.

Thanks to a few who had submit their applications. But it seems there is still few questions about my concept here.

Well, here is a few words to explain.

In my years of being a fulltime photographer, my favorite subject is Potraiture. I love to reveal to the world the beauty of Sabahan people. It is just my hobby, but which I'm glad, had helped a few talented people to be exposed. So while enjoying my hobby, I would like to give a chance to more hidden talents and beauty from Sabah. So if you think You got what it takes, hurry up and tell me.

All I need is for you to tell me. No big deal! haha.. Do remember. Photography is an art. You dont have to have Jessica Alba figure, or Ryo Mori face to be able to make a great photos. Everyone has their own quality, so dont be shy. I wont bite!.. all I want is for you to..
Drop your name:
photos(which will influence me to choose you):
at my email:powerhouse1982(at) .. or any other way you can reach me!

Few Q n A that I get(and might get):
What is your photoshoot concept?:
Not fixed. I do generally all kind of shoots. I choose on a certain individual and find a suitable theme for them.

Do I(chosen model) need to pay?:
No. This is a non-profit outing.

I never done this before. Can I still join?
Absolutely. Encouraged for new comers, as I wish to help expose hidden talents. But in the same time, seasoners/supermodels who wish to apply is much welcome too(but pls, I cannot afford to pay you yet hahah..)

Can I apply?(A question from a MALE):
Yes..! I do mainly on females, but I don't mind helping out a male.

Do I get to keep the photos taken?
Yes, 20 pieces of edited photos and a complimentary 12x18 large portrait prints.

Is my pictures going to be published?
Yes, base on approval by you to be featured on my blog. You have the rights to demand any pictures to be removed, by emailing me the reasons(but normally I would chose the most appropriate publishable photos).

OK, thats it for now.. If there is any other questions you would like to ask, do send me comments, or email me at powerhouse1982(at) .. the same email for you to send in your applications.

Kimmy Majalap at Nexus Karambunai..

Roy 2lips

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Model search is ON!

Well, the title sounds grand enough hahah. Well, just trying to reply on the popular questions on when I am going to do another photoshoot.. I am trying to come up with a different concept of photoshooting.. So if you think you got what it takes to be my model, don't hesitate to suggest yourself. Or you can suggest your fren, cousin, that chick next door, or whoever u think deserve to be exposed.. Male or Female!

What will you get? 20 professionally edited photos.
1 large potrait print(12x18).
A chance to get exposed to a modelling courier.

So wanna be part of 2lips?
Drop your name:
photos(which will influence me to choose you):

And also you can write a summary on why I should choose you:
"Eg: I have the height, my face looks like Jessica Alba and I really love to do modelling. Please pick me!"

Well, sounding that desperate isnt really necessary.. hahahah.. but its fine with me.

send to:
Send it to: 'powerhouse1982(at)'

You can also add me on facebook. Just search my name, Roy Ajin.

Hopes to hear from you soon!

PS: My booking for weddings photography service is open as usual! Ask me for price quotations!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Florinda at Tg Aru 2nd Beach

Ok, From now on I thnk I should do a different approach to my photos published here. It's a more interactive one so that me and all of us viewers can benefits to mine, and in general, our photos.

From now on, I would like to explain How I took the photos, what post processing(editing) I've done, and what goals do I expect from the outcom.

Lets start with Miss Florinda here, which I took last year, at Tanjung Aru beach 2, at the Lalu Lintas Shell.

On my first photo here, basically I hadnt have any plannings or theme for it. I had promise Florinda for a photoshoot for her, and here we went. But at the moment of shooting, I figured out that alot of objects stands tall(note the phony road signs, the trees etc..) So In my mind that time, It is best to make the model follow suit, and so I tried to make her as tall as the backgrounds which she did very well on her pose. To achieve that result, I bend down as low as possible(lying on the ground) and it kinda works, especially by making sure the distance of the next background object is abit farther. Further more, I include the phony road signs to balance the height of Florinda, Coz the road signs are shorter.

No PP(editing) done here, as it was already great out of the camera.

In this second shot, the background is a bunch of wild tree, crawling upwards without directions.. I took a low angle shot once again, and It seems that the posing that Florinda did complements the background(note how she bends backwards)

I did a minor PP, by enhancing the Saturation, to enhance the greens..

I was using my 50mm f1.4 all the while, but at various aperture

Monday, March 23, 2009

Korean Superstar, Hwang In Yeong

She came with a TV crew as a spokes person for Garcinia slimming products. And I have the priviledge to actually become the official photographer for the whole trip. Maybe becoz of my korean background(I hope u believe me on this hahah..)

Her name is Hwang In Yeong, and she had been starred in a few famous Korean Drama like 'Cool' and the movie 'SWAT'. Well, it might not be as famous here, compared to at Korea, but still.. hahah

The day started with a trip to Pulau Sapi, from Sutera Harbour Jetty. The first time I saw her, I was like 'Oh my.. Wow!!'.

Some Pulau Sapi activities

After that, like a coincidence, I get to ride the Sunset Cruise once again(first time was with the miss orientals finalist), except that this time it wasnt a sunset. It's at broad daylight under the heat of the sun. But that what made the photo sessions great. As you can see, the clouds are magnificently blue!

Another Cruise shots

To strike a smile under that sun is something she can do well!

Well, after the cruise trip, we went back to KK, and stop at Center point for a while, and they do some minor shoppings(Well, its for the video purpose actually. But you know what will happen when girls told to shop..!)

The trip continues at Nexus Karambunai Resort, where they were staying. This shot is actually a video session. But I manage to snaps a few shot, and succeeded to give a true 'korean' feel to it.

Well, for day two, it was Sun all day long. Volleyballs, beach picnics. But just look at the sky!

Well, we went to Kelly Bays, and I made a few photo sessions, where they want to make it more of a jungle sexy look.

I told her to bend a little, but she bends more, but then it still comes out great!

..and for this final shot, I want her to look more fierce, so i brought her deeper inside the insect infested jungle. That made her abit upset, but being a professional as she is, she still manage to glance a sinister smile. Which is exactly what I expected from her.

Cheerios.. I got alot more pics of her, and the crew.. but will post it if theres demands..
She came with a TV crew as a spokes person for Garcinia slimming products

Miss Oriental Grand Finals

The moments people have been waiting for, since been anticipating from day one. The Grand Finals. 15 ladies battles it out to be crowned as Miss Oriental 2009. Well, If we look at it at a glance of all of these ladies, It's impossible to tell who would be the winner. I was tossing my coins yet it still didn't help much coz all of the finalist is as sure as heck pretty, stunning and hot! If machines were built to judge, I'm sure it will go haywire and explode!

Well, I didnt took much of the stages show, since I got alot of other photographer partners crowding the area, I just took as much as I can off stage, and some prize giving ceremony..

Show here are the situations that we need to face, if we want to take photos..

This is the crowning, from one kim to another.(Kimmy Majalap to Kim Stan)

The previous Miss Oriental with her date. Kimberly and Kalik

For the first round, they put a grand entrance by entering from the main entrance, not like usual where they enter from the sides.

Venency having a quick glance at Eva's joke.

Well, this was while make-up, Kay getting prepared

Ok, there is no competition for man hunk, but this guy(Mr Jackson Jibit) Shud be in the running, if he happens to join, im pretty sure!

Again the line of winners, which unfortunately bcoz of the capacity of other photogs, narrowed my line of sight.

Radzie the man! He won the best photography competition. But these are not his prize winnings!

Things people do to get a decent shot that night. Mr Gerry become mr Spidey.

The individual rounds, where each and everyone is waiting for their turns

The non competitors, Ms Julylen and Ak.!

And finally two of my close frens, getting close with creative color lightings..!

Overall, it was a great momenst while the on going of Miss Orientals. I might post more pics, if there is demands. But so far, this is it.

Well, the results that night is, The grand winner is Miss Kim Stan, besides capturing miss Congeniality and miss Popular. Runners up is miss Pearl Dianne, which also walks away with the best cheongsam and miss Body Beautiful. Third is Miss Crystel Eve and also walks away with miss photogenic. Other noteful contestants are Miss Madona Nandu for best Catwalk.