Monday, July 13, 2009

The Theme P, for Princess

Introducing princess Tina. Tina is also the daughter of the King. She had done whatever she can to please her father so that she can one day become the Queen. But she is always upset for the treatment she gets, compared to her younger sister Deizi, which their father preferred more to be a Queen.

Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the rightful of them all. I hope u answer wisely or u'll be the tenth mirror for this month!

Be sure to follow as this story is heading towards the grand finale!

The Theme U, for Umbrella

As this ongoing theme continues, Ive reached the letter U, for Umbrella.. now I'm introducing the next character, miss Deizi.

Here, she is the daughter of a King oh this country but arent intimidated by the title she'll be holding and just want to live a normal happy life. She loves taking a stroll outside, and most of the time with her fancy dress and an umbrella.But for her own safety, the 'Twins' are hired to guard her wherever she went which they are not pleased with it, since the carelessness nature of Deizi made the task twice as complicated.

Yeah I live in a palace, but its alot more fun outside.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Theme D, for Doll

As the character introduction continues, now we reached the letter D, which is for Doll.. It is portrayed by the lovely model, Fiona..

Now Fiona is a plastic Doll, but is brought to life by her master owner, the powerful witch Loura, mainly to do her deeds. She only appears as a human form when her master gives her a task, and became a lifeless doll again as she completed her task and came back home.
I'm no barbie!