Thursday, April 2, 2015

Roy Ajin Wedding blog launched!

I am are officially launching my wedding only blog, where I will post all my wedding jobs, including past weddings. Do have a look, ! I will continue my random postings about issues here.. sorry for the long lapse in posting.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sabah FA in trouble?

Is the Sabah FA at it again? Time after time again we Sabahan been waiting for a nice run by our football team. And after a few good season(climbing back to the Super League) and a quite decent 1st season on the top flight, now we're on the brink of doom again. 

Starting from an away lost at an empty stadium to neighboring Sarawak, and now a 9-0 trashing of the lions international scraps.. and followed by a 4-0 thumping at home by a minnow club, PKNS, makes us wonder, what are they actually doing up there(Management)?

To be fair, we might be missing few important players namely Rozaimi(international duty, good for him!) and our captain Reithaudeen. But I'm sure whoever is replacing them should atleast keep the scoreline respectable! I mean, Sabah is a football loving state, and talents are everywhere, unless the scouts(if we have any) didnt do their job correctly. I think they(the scouts) failed miserably, coz as we can see, the players are recycled year after year. Same faces again and again, while KL managed to find a pearl while we're digging dirt. If not, Hazwan Bakiri, a Labuan lad, should be playing for us by now! He even scored hattricks few times for the National team!

In the wake of the 9-0 trashing, some claimed foul play, which I hope that's not the case. Lets just hope its a minor hiccups for the players to have a kick in the behind for them to move far forward. I just hope the players can improve themself and show their true potentials. Don't blame the fans. They are there to tell you to improve, or else whoelse is there to do that? And the management team, please do something, and if you're not capable, let someone who is.

Players like Bobby Gonzales, you once show us Sabahan that we have hope, we have talent. Stop doing what you are doing now(playing terribly) and bring back your former self! Score goal!!

I hardly update my blog nowadays, so me blogging this must meant that a situation is going on!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sabah FA new imports

A familiar grounds for Sabah FA, as the Malaysian Super League now allows foreign imports to participate, maximum two for each team. Sabah didnt take long to get their choice, through the influence of once mighty Rhinos hero, Scott Olle, have now signed two Aussies(One of them is probably is Malaysian). Introducing the new, Brendan Gan and Michael Baird. Seen here, from their first centralized training at Penampang Stadium, together with Scotty himself! The last time Sabah had an Aussie import was Robbie Gaspar which the Rhinos managed to reach the Malaysian Cup Final, but humbly beaten by MPPJ(Arestogui to be exact)

Been a'while

Been wahile since I've posted a new entry on my blog. But maybe the best is saved for last! But ofcourse it wont be my last entry, as I have been doing a lot of stuff worth sharing, especially my photos. Been busy this few month hence I am slow in updating my blog.. but I hope u guys wud giv a peek this few weeks onwards, as not only I wud be sharing photos, but also promos on my photography service!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2011

Once again, the climax of this year Kaamatan state level celebration.
The Unduk Ngadau Competition, 2011.
Here are what I managed to capture

The full 40 participants from all over Sabah

The crowds wanting to get a view of the most beautiful Sabahan contested.

The question and answer stage

the 15 finalist get to do their final catwalk before being judged

Miss Inanam made her way

..and ofcourse my personal fav from my kampung, from Ranau

and then it became 7.. anybody who reached this level should be very proud

and the final two comes down to Jovenea and Bo Tiza

And finally, I'm sure from a very minimal difference in points aparting them, Miss Bo Tiza Disimon became the winner of this year Unduk Ngadau

Crystel having her final seat before surrendering the crown to a new winner

and the legacy continues..

Congratulations to all the winner!

1st: Bo Tiza, Penampang
2nd: Jovenea, Tamparuli
3rd: Carolyne, Tuaran
4th: Sophie, Ranau
5th: DBKK
6th: Sandakan
7th: Likas

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2011

Ok, Right the next day after Unduk Ngadau DBKK, its time for Penampang district level. Both place where I never missed going since 2008. This time a very new face suddenly emerge, but not surprisingly so, coz she is that pretty.. Congratulations miss Bo Tiza!

Roza looking cute, on her soal-jawab session

The seven finalist at the end

Finally it reaches the top two, miss Fiona Lijua and Bo Tiza

Well you guessed it! Bo won..

Crowning moment. Just too bad the 2010 queen miss Rochelle couldn't make it to transfer her crown

Lotsa prizes!

Congrats miss Bo (1st), Fiona(2nd) and Noemi(3rd). It's just too bad that only one can qualify for the state level

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unduk Ngadau DBKK 2011

The first Unduk Ngadau competition I went this year is the one I've never failed to attend, since 2008. Would love to share the only few photos that I took. According to David Chg(which I saw from his FB), the top three winners are

Winner Rachel (DBKK)
2nd Adeline (Likas)
3rd Kieren (Tanjung Aru)

But the 2010 queen, miss Lydia is still just so pretty in my opinion ;) ..

Miss Lydia Alai, 2010 winner
Miss Lydia and the State winner 2010, Miss Crystel Eve

One of the contestants, with the amazing lighting at the back

Most of the contestants

Caught her with a wonderful smile

Reigning queen about to transfer her throne, which wud be the one replacing her?

And the announcment, it was Rachel!

Miss Lydia crowning the winner, while having a glance at me! ;)

The top three winners, all will be heading to the state levels!

Friday, May 13, 2011

doing some strobist

Well, it is always great to be able to create great photos especially on portraits. But it is undeniably gives a super edge if multiple external flash is being used. Here are some of my strobist(or is that what it is called?) photos..

On a rainy day, it seems the water gives extra special effects on the strobing process
Here are the 2010 Miss Malaysia Earth, miss Appey Rowena.. stunning in her swimwear
Using two external flash, i decided to give more effects using color gel
Like i said, the water always gives nice effects, otherwise very hard to achieve if not using multiple external flash

Would share some more photos, maybe with the strobing info

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan 2011

Well, it's May again.. and the best season to look at the prettiest Sabahan natives reveal themselves. The Unduk Ngadau! Everyone in their traditional costumes representing their own heritage and district..

Well, Harvest festival is a big occasion in Sabah, and the Unduk NGadau event is only part of it. There also would be statewide singing competition, or Sugandoi, where all the KDM sang their heart out in their respective language to compete with each other. Other cultural show will also be performed by our Sabahan own talented performers, and is a worthy spending of a time if you go to any place celebrating Kaamatan.

And if you want to be part of the fun, I have a friend who rent her handmade original traditional costume. Check out her collections, and give me a buzz if anyone interested! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Korean Cars! Kia.. contact me if ur interested :)

Well what can I say, Korean cars are the in thing nowadays. and when they offer their cars with this interesting offers, wudnt you be interested? Do buzz me for info.. :)