Monday, October 20, 2008

I know it's kinda late, but happy birthday!

On the 14th of October, Kay's best buddy, Janet decided to go to KK Box, which is two days after her birthday. They invited me, or rather I invited myself to join the fun. Some candle blowings, offchord notes, eating not so sedap buffet going on there. Like usual, me with my camera tried to cover the events as thorough as possible.

A cake

their friend, si Jude ka sapa tue..

Some blowing action

Kays Dad

They eat alot!

My only sumbangan that night.

Ok, and then I went to 1borneo on friday to find some stuff. These two girl, Kay and Janet was there too. Kay being the celcom promoter, and Janet a Platinum Club promoter. Since I was supposed to came there to take pics of 'my' ferarri, might as well take their silly acts..


Ok, Sorry for the delay posts.. I was still mourning for my dear sis lost of her father.

Recently, I get to see alot of exciting cars. Not just the normal Evo or fairlady.. but a rather not so many times seen in Sabah.

I begin with this weird stingray-like vehicle. It was the opening of Mitsuoka showroom at Kolombong. Female models and sportscars are always synonym to each other.. so here we go!

Last weekends, 1borneo had this SIE(Sabah international Expo..?..) and the also paraded some imported goodies. They also brought models, which is brought from KL.

And ofcoz, my favorite. The 360 Modena. If only once and awhile they bring the F***ing Enzo, it'll made my day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a very sad morning~

A thousand condolence to my sis, girllyen. They have a better plan for your daddy. A plan that even we aren't capable of interfering. My only regret is to not having the opportunity to meet him before he went to a better place.

To my sis girl. Harap2 dapat besabar hadapi dugaan. Kami semua akan slalu tolong menjaga kamu sekeluarga sedaya mampu. We will always love you sis!

Friday, October 17, 2008

KK international Marathon

As promised. The cover for the recent KK marathon. It was a sleepy weekend for me. I had to wake up as early as 3am to get ready, and be at stadium Likas before 4am, which the first run starts. Went there, there was a few other photographers also standby, inlcuding my friends.

Overall, it was a fun event. Not to mention, a funny one. I as usual didnt carry a media pass, which I failed to collect before the event. At one time, I was being escort off the starting point by some lady for interfering. I wasnt carrying my camera at that time coz a friend is borrowing my camera for a while. For sure I wasnt interfering at all.. but it was alright. Was my fault for letting go of my camera, and the lady was just doing her job. after that, all things were settled. Nancy Lamau laughed all the way.. kurang asam! hahaha..

Ok, here are some of my takes..

The starting of the Half Marathon. As usual, the africans would lead the pack. And so will it be until finish.

Ok, I was lucky to reach one part where Anna-Rina was running steadily.I'm pretty sure that's her, aint it?

I dont know how many contestant participated, but It was quite a few.

This is where traffic is being hold the most, to give way. I like this capture, as it shows a two way and two type of traffic flow..

Coming near to Sutera Harbour. Even If they dont win, atleast they get free 100 plus!

This was my personal favorite.

The full marathon startings, which guns off at 4 am.

The fastest, and first Malaysian of the pack. He did quite a respectful time.

The first lady to finish

Age isn't a barrier for competing.

Just couldn't help it :) :) ..

Ok, probably the most promising runners. I doubt they can even last until the stadium exit! haha.. Silly Julian and Fara at it again!

Thanks for viewing. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KK streets at night

ok, few days back, my friend Tom bring me to take a nightshots of KK, especially the streets. So there we are, with our heavy tripods in the middle of KK streets taking long exposure photos. The result truns out very nice, for my liking. Though coz of limited time, I only managed to get few shots.. tell me what you think!

After this wud be covering the KK International Marathon. And also the new beast in town, Mitsuoka.. stay tune!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

For once, a male model!

Ya laa.. I know u people merungut(especially the female readers, and maybe some males i dont know.. :\ ) that y always female model.. never male model mehh?? ..

So now i include this person. Who is he?? Why is he so lucky to be amongst all the girls to be included in my blog??

Well, his name is Royston Fahd, people call him Royce, or Roy.. which is confusing coz thats what people call me!

Well.. he got the privileged, coz he's my younger bro. Lucky bastard! hahaha.. We at home call him Baby, for being the youngest. He claimed to be an ex classmate to Miss Kimberly Majalap(Dia bilang laa.. saya pun pecaya jak laa.. ntah betul ka tida..Mo tanya si kimmy sendiri nie.. hahaha) elehh.. ex-classmate ja bah.. ingatkan ex bf!.. hehehe..

here you go..