Monday, September 8, 2008

Photoshoot with Leonie!

Too late.. nobody won!

Anyway, This is Leonie Lawrence Gontuni. The Unduk Ngadau KDCA State level crown holder for 2008.Leonie gets to wear more than 3 outfits, if I'm not mistaken
I get to know her by chance. I've bumped up with her at Shenanigans, while taking photos of the Miss Shenanigans, on July this year. Managed to ask her if I can take her photo, which she gladly say yes!Leonie at a club hanging out with her friends.

A session that we thought would've last for two hours for indoor, and the rest is for outdoor becomes way out of hand. We we're excited, coz for the first time, gets to take a photoshoot inside a studio. We ask Leonie to do various poses, which she happily does.
Still having problems with the lighting settings, but after awhile, all went so smooth.

She didn't came alone. She brought along her cousin, which in the same time, her and my friend also came to check things out. Infact, I got Leonies number from the said friend, who is also a photogenik. But will discuss about her later.
At one moment and angle, she looks like Dewi Persik, and then the other time, she would looks almost exactly like Kristine Hermosa. But In the end, She still will be distinguished as herself.

We started at around 11.30AM, and wrap things up at 5PM. The whole thing was done inside the studio. Maybe for the amount of photographers involved also made the sessions goes longer than expected. I was the last person who took pics, as the others went early. I told her to do various cool poses before she can hit the road home.
I think this is cool. A fourteen years old suggested me this shot!

Overall, It was a very fun experience, not just for us the photographers, but also for miss Leonie. Waiting for the next outings!


BeautyBenefit101 said...

cantik rambut dia ;)

ps: Roy, pegi setting-comments-klik no to word verification ;)

keep on blogging ;)

Isa said...

Roy, bisa kah aku berguru sama kamu? heheh... :-)

roy2lips said...

bisa dong! heheh

Renzo said...

Leonie classmate sia tu ^^, budak sanzac

Anonymous said...

leonie bkn sanzac la..