Saturday, September 20, 2008

A bit down, so a delayed posting

This few days, I was abit down for some reason, I wish only to share to myself. Spoil kan.. heheh sorry laa.. :p .. maybe if any of you really follows my blog(Which I doubt wud be anywhere near 7..), I might somehow kasi cerita juga.. for now, i wud just make a summary of it. haha

Well, you ever feel like grabbing something you like. Lets say, your father lets you grab a car key. You definitely like to drive, but by holding car key wont promises you to be able to drive. First, The car is not yours. Second, you are not trusted to drive it. Third, you dont have a license. But all the while, the car is there. You can look at it. You know its specs. You know what accessories it got. Somehow you even bought it an air freshener. But the thing is, you still cant drive it.

Situation B. A largest shopping mall was opened at your place. It is grand. It is big. It has all the thing people wants. But does all that matters if you dont have money? Eventhough it is a constructural pride of your town, but are you considered as part of it? You go around and telling people ' we have the largest mall!'. But then again, so what?! It is owned by a very wealthy owner. It just happened to be near your place.

So all these bull is somewhat been haunting me. It is something I have to face, coz I am the one who stirred the beehive coz the honey really looks tempting! But I guess those bees stings real bad, I wont be able to take the honey.


DorisJ said...

i've watched somethin new and i'd loved that movie(3x tinguk)and i've learnt one or two things from that movie somewhere in the middle and thru out the end..

follow your heart and let it flow..


roy2lips said...

As much as i like to, its kinda hard laa to follow your heart.. coz your hearts keeps asking for something impossible to get.. hehe

Dolly MJ said...
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