Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat hari Raya

Happy Aidilfitri to all of my friends. Please make sure you drive safely, and eat all those rendangs! hahah..

Tomoro I can have lunch! But I'm gonna miss all those late night catching the time snacks. I might gonna do it anyway.. yeah right! haha

Might be having an open house on the 2nd day of Raya in my kampung. If you dont mind travelling a few distance to Tenghilan, then you are most welcome!

A date with Kay, with a camera in hand :)

This is Kay. I've recently met this girl on some gathering, and build the courage to actually approach her more of a friend figure, than asking her to be my model. She turns out to be such a friendly person. In rewards, I gave her a free photo sessions.. hahah.. the session turns out to be a good one. Very simple but nice.

Here are some of the pics.. the first set was at taman tun fuad, bukit padang followed by tanjung aru beach.

Raynold and Atyng

Ok, this is actually happened quite a few weeks ago. I get the opportunity to cover a more chinese style wedding. It was at Kg Muhibbah, Ranau. It's my few times having a job there, and I always loved it. It's not so hard to find their place, coz I am quite familiar to Ranau, being my own kampung, which is from my moms side.

After the chinese style tradition at their home, they continued to a location more familiar. The church. After the church ceremony around 12 pm, the couples went to their suite at hotel Perkasa(or i forgot what is its new name. Some world heritage something-something hotel) and we did some mini outdoor sessions. Thats what I love about Kundasang the most. The sun is shining right above our heads at 1pm, but the weather remains cool.

They had a break and continued the reception dinner at around 7pm at the hotel lounge.

Enjoy some of the pics.. might consider uploading more later..

The knocking sessions where the future husband plays around before the future wife lets him in.

The drink tea sessions.

Red packets handouts.. this fella is so happy to get one!

the bride and groom inside the church

The mini outdoor sessions, which was done just outside Perkasa hotel. The view is lovely there!

While the pengantin getting prepared these cousins wouldnt mind wasting a few megabytes of photography space.

A happily anticipated guest wishing them well with a toast


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Audrey Ambrose

Ok, here we go. I've arranged another photoshooting sessions with a long overdued promise to lovely miss Audrey. Was planning to do it way earlier, but for some reasons unavoidable, the plan was always called off. But since shes leaving for KL next month, I hafta make it quick. And finally i've managed to set a date, which is agreed by her too..

The pics, I've put it in pairs, for space saving..
Was planning to let her hold an electric fender guitar, but it went missing. So this Yamaha classic will do.

Another pose with the guitar

This was a warming up sessions actually. The first pose she done. Basically for light testing.

Was having fun with everything we got. Its the Premier league season, so decided to play along. Audrey never dissapoints!

I remember taking her pics in a corset once, in shenanigans last time. It was a pleasant surprise she brought it along this time. If only she had a bandana!

And after a days work, we finally cool of on a waterfall while having our camera on hand.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Menggatal gurls went to the island

Recently, we made a trip to the island of Manukan, with three angels from menggatal. The trip was made after our meet up at Ebebs parents anniversary. We decided that it was a good idea to make a trip to the tiny island which includes Ebeb, Becca(ebeb's younger sis) and G zelle, a finalist of the MyStar LG that is going to be held next month. So lets enjoy what I've took. Man they were sizzling!

Lets started with this very young but full of potential 'not a model yet' girl, Becca. She isnt really into modelling, since she's still studying. She came just for fun, but as usual photographers persuasion, we managed to drag her along for the photo shoot. She is the younger sister of Miss Kaamatan and Miss Shenanigans winner, Ebeb.

The second featurer is Ebeb herself. She showed what her sister supposed to do.

Finally, is G'zelle. She's quite a regular on the local modelling scene having been featuring to some of the fashion shows, and also participating a few pageants with a respectful results. But most of all, she is also representing Sabah as a finalist for the MyStar LG TV3 which is going to be held next month. So guys, lets support our fellow Sabahan!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Robert and Ayunah(or easier recognized as Ebebs parents!)

Ok, last week got a call from lovely Rounah Beb.. To my suprise, she was asking for a quotation on my video price for wedding. Is she about to break our heart by getting married? Well, not exactly(to my relief!).. Her parents is having an 18th anniversary of their wedding. How sweet! Start from them preparing at their house in Kg Keliangau. It was fun! They really gave us the warmest hospitality. the best part is, I get to work together with my cool bro, mr Wendell(http://wendellsphoto.blogspot.com/). He and his assistant, miss Adrey. Me and my typical self, cant afford to not bring my camera along. But for lighter carriage purposes, I only brought along my 40D mounted with my 50mm f1.4. Actually, if a person hires me for video, It's my style to bring along my camera, so that I got some pics for the packaging purposes of the DVD video later on.

It went on from 10.30am(supposed to be getting ready at around 11, but pigi ruma si Rounnah ba tue! haha) until 2PM, where they headed to St. Paul church, Dontozidon. The last time I took that path, is when Servay Hypermart was still standing. Sigh~

Later on, they had a reception dinner at Atlantis, Bundusan. Overall, it was a termendous day. Didnt felt tired at all!

Enjoy the pics..

At kampung Keliangau.

St. Paul, Dontozidon.

Finally, the reception dinner at Atlantis.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kinarut trip

Well enough ramblings. Continue with my photographical(got such words..?) journeys.

Last Sunday, we went to Kinarut. Nothing official. It's just one of our ways to feed our passion in photography. It was a four person outing. Igy, Wendell, Tom and me. Igy and Wendell(Both nikonian) went earlier. Me and Tom(both Canonites) went ahead way later. But Kinarut? what in the name.. what can we take there??.. as I was saying. But hey, I need to test my new 70-200mm f2.8(For a normal non photographer person, this is a lens, which caused me my whole month salary)..

Well, my sinisteric scepticism is indeed non-sense. I was spoilt with photographic opportunities. The lonely streets. Classical coffeeshops. Wooden old houses. Anyway, I should let my photos do the speaking..
We went to this place near the train station. This typical JKR signboard is luckily still intact.

I caught these two elder, somewhat having the same pose. They are waiting for the bus i think.

This building still stand strong, though as if a great wind seems to be able to bring it down.

Another photos I took which I really felt its gloomy classical feeling. It is one of the shophouses on one of the old buildings

I really liked the old windows there. This one here reminds me of Windows 98. Dunno why. Especially after taking the earlier window photos, which the color resembles the latest version of windows. If any of you felt the same way, do let me know!

Anyway, this is a few shots I took. We went on to a church near by to take more photos. And then we went to the abandoned train tunnel, which I never thought existed. Will upload photos again pretty soon.

A bit down, so a delayed posting

This few days, I was abit down for some reason, I wish only to share to myself. Spoil kan.. heheh sorry laa.. :p .. maybe if any of you really follows my blog(Which I doubt wud be anywhere near 7..), I might somehow kasi cerita juga.. for now, i wud just make a summary of it. haha

Well, you ever feel like grabbing something you like. Lets say, your father lets you grab a car key. You definitely like to drive, but by holding car key wont promises you to be able to drive. First, The car is not yours. Second, you are not trusted to drive it. Third, you dont have a license. But all the while, the car is there. You can look at it. You know its specs. You know what accessories it got. Somehow you even bought it an air freshener. But the thing is, you still cant drive it.

Situation B. A largest shopping mall was opened at your place. It is grand. It is big. It has all the thing people wants. But does all that matters if you dont have money? Eventhough it is a constructural pride of your town, but are you considered as part of it? You go around and telling people ' we have the largest mall!'. But then again, so what?! It is owned by a very wealthy owner. It just happened to be near your place.

So all these bull is somewhat been haunting me. It is something I have to face, coz I am the one who stirred the beehive coz the honey really looks tempting! But I guess those bees stings real bad, I wont be able to take the honey.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just went back from a birthday party. Wasnt mine or any of my friend though. Was hired to take video. Bunch of cute kids running around playing games. Reminds me of something which doesnt reminds me of anything at all.. my god apa sya cakap nie..

But anyway, I didnt took any photos there coz it was assigned to my partner for taking photo. I was only taking videos.. But two nights before was an interesting morning. Dawn to be exact. One of my photography friends suggested something not so ordinary. Outing to the wet market at 4am.. It got me thrilled. Coz I've been wanting to do that for some times now, but wudnt have the courage to go there alone at that awkward hour.

We took some photos, almost slipped once or twice, got smelly and went home. Here are some photos to share..
Well this is not actually at the wet market, but we parked near here, and manage to get one extra long exposure shot of wisma merdeka.Coincidentally, I went to a fast breaking dinner with few other of my friends earlier at the Roof, Imperial Hotel. The view from there is quite nice as you can see the whole filipino market

I dont have a standard wide lens for the time being, so was just using my 50mm f1.4, which is also a good idea coz it's very dark there. This girl is waiting for something

Trading took place as early as 5am.

Alot more of my photo collections on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/roy_ajin/