Monday, September 22, 2008

Robert and Ayunah(or easier recognized as Ebebs parents!)

Ok, last week got a call from lovely Rounah Beb.. To my suprise, she was asking for a quotation on my video price for wedding. Is she about to break our heart by getting married? Well, not exactly(to my relief!).. Her parents is having an 18th anniversary of their wedding. How sweet! Start from them preparing at their house in Kg Keliangau. It was fun! They really gave us the warmest hospitality. the best part is, I get to work together with my cool bro, mr Wendell( He and his assistant, miss Adrey. Me and my typical self, cant afford to not bring my camera along. But for lighter carriage purposes, I only brought along my 40D mounted with my 50mm f1.4. Actually, if a person hires me for video, It's my style to bring along my camera, so that I got some pics for the packaging purposes of the DVD video later on.

It went on from 10.30am(supposed to be getting ready at around 11, but pigi ruma si Rounnah ba tue! haha) until 2PM, where they headed to St. Paul church, Dontozidon. The last time I took that path, is when Servay Hypermart was still standing. Sigh~

Later on, they had a reception dinner at Atlantis, Bundusan. Overall, it was a termendous day. Didnt felt tired at all!

Enjoy the pics..

At kampung Keliangau.

St. Paul, Dontozidon.

Finally, the reception dinner at Atlantis.


edrie said...

Roy @ ladies man.

Kasian my name. It's EDRIE bahhh..haha

roy2lips said...

ohh ok ok sorry bout that.. heheh