Sunday, September 28, 2008

Audrey Ambrose

Ok, here we go. I've arranged another photoshooting sessions with a long overdued promise to lovely miss Audrey. Was planning to do it way earlier, but for some reasons unavoidable, the plan was always called off. But since shes leaving for KL next month, I hafta make it quick. And finally i've managed to set a date, which is agreed by her too..

The pics, I've put it in pairs, for space saving..
Was planning to let her hold an electric fender guitar, but it went missing. So this Yamaha classic will do.

Another pose with the guitar

This was a warming up sessions actually. The first pose she done. Basically for light testing.

Was having fun with everything we got. Its the Premier league season, so decided to play along. Audrey never dissapoints!

I remember taking her pics in a corset once, in shenanigans last time. It was a pleasant surprise she brought it along this time. If only she had a bandana!

And after a days work, we finally cool of on a waterfall while having our camera on hand.

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