Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elsy, Melcjizedek and Baby Isaac

On Sunday, I made a date with a lovely couple and their adorable baby. We went to STAR to take this nice cute portraiture of them three. Like usual of these days, I have to catch the weather as it is soon to rain. So we barely made a few shots, before the rain comes. While the session, rain drops bit by bit and I was worried about the baby. Luckily we made it just on time..

lets go through the pics, and with what Baby Isaac might of think of at that time.. :)

Hey mom I want that beach ball!

I still want that ball!

heya dad!

Put me back in my ride!

Ure scaring me with your big long and white nose!

hmm.. check that babe out!

Oh my.. that thing is huge!!(referring to the horsy see-saw)

Ok.. now what're we looking at again?

hi little birdie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Potraiture, Ika Jobell and miaw..

Last Wednesday, I took a photos of these three lovely young ladies. It seems that one of their best friend is about to leave soon, so they decided to mark their memory with a photography sessions. I tried my best to make it as memorable as possible, within a very short period of time, with an unfriendly weather. At one moment, it seems as it was about to rain very hard, but and then the sun comes out. Luckily The sun gave us just enough time for a session. Well its not that hard to bring out the mood, as these girls are a real friends and the expression they show just came naturally..

Thanks Ika for hiring me! :)

Rumba Bloggers night

Last week, there was this event called Photo-bloggers night, held at Rumba, Le Meredien. Its a night where you got to bring your camera and shoot anything on sight. So there I was, with the gang equipped with our lovely camera and shoot here and there. That night we were accompanied by two lovely models, The winner of recent Female Icon, Miss Kimmy Majalap, and also 2nd Runner-up, Audrey Ambrose..

Well here is the recap of the night..

Them girls checking something down there..

Mr Jackson, in action! He was wondering what the hell am I doing, holding my camera on the table for a slow shutter shots..

I still havent had enuf of slow shuttering, since halloween night. I got this effect which includes Audrey and Edrie..

I saw Mr. No-L was enjoying the band, and the band play quite decent stuff. So I tried to do some sorta effects which shows No-L was enjoying what he sees..

Ok, I herad there was a competition, which includes a Chrome image. So this is my entry for it.. I think it looks good enuf to win*Telca hint-hint* hahaha..

Oh yaa, there were this games which a chosen girl of the club gets to do a model pose infront of all the photographers, and whoever got the crowds on their feet wins.. This here is Tati, doing here stuff! A hot one indeed...!

Another contestant which I failed to get her name.. My usual short term memory problem. Pretty cute aint she..?

And finally, the crowds favorites... Melissa! She shudve join modelling cos she sure do know how to pose! No matter how funny some of it was.. hahah..

And as the ongoing event went on, I keep on searching for idea and do all these weird2 stuff my camera can do..

This effects, I forgot how I did it.. But it looks like as if someone had way too many Long Island shots..

Well, since theres lovely models invlolved, why dont make use of my favorite type of photography. Potraiture. Miss Audrey looking cool here..

And Finally our Icon of the year, Miss Kimmy.. she had something to drink for sure, but we were having so much fun to care.. hahah

Thanks Telca for inviting us to the party.. So sad that they have to cut short the event. But we can do it again next time right,..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Female Icons at Bar Su round ups

Well, every other person been talking about it.. its the beautiful girls of Sabah reunites again, and parade their beauty.. here are some of the pics I manage to treat.. will upload more pretty soon.. :)