Monday, June 15, 2009

The Theme N, for Nymph

Introducing Dazeree, the nymph of the forest.. She is amongsth the the tree, the flowing water of the river, and the blooming flower of the woods.. She is responsible for the well being of the lost lonely child of the woods, Domithila until she can take care of herself in the woods, where she wards off wild animals, and provide fruits and water. But even though almost as if being a stepmother Domithila never knew her existence..

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Though shall love the beauty of the nature, for it is the only thing beautiful left in this world

The Theme L, For Luna.. The moon

The activities of the night are most of the time influenced by the moon.. The sea tide, the light it gives when its full, the measurement of most calendars, and many other things.. But the main mechanic engine that controls it is Serra, the Luna princess. The gravity of the moon doesn't come from the center core of the moon, but from her. She is the watchful eyes of the earth when the sun is shining at the other side of the earth..

If one more cow jumps over this moon, I'm having beef for supper..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Theme R, for Redneck

Introducing Sofiey, a typical country girl who loves to hang out at the old Train station while taking a break from her farm chores.. Nothing so special about her, except for the fact that she had witnessed weird happenings right behind her secret spot where she likes to have a time alone, by the river, times and time again.. One incident, where while sitting next to a rock, suddenly the weather becomes too cold almost freezing the river stream when suddenly from above, a giant snowball landed. After hiding on a tree nearby, she witnessed the snowball melts quickly, and a human lady shape appears, and went deep inside the jungle.. as fast as she can realize whats happening, the lady has vanished into the deep jungle, and the wheather comes back to normal.

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Care to join me for a train hopping joyride??

The Theme I, for Inferno

Several centuries back, the legend has it that the widow of the chinese voyager who left her wife in sorrow has immortally remained at the mountain by the gods of the mountain out of pity, by combining her one with the mountain which is visible until now, where her face is forever facing the sea.

But the one secret that people never find out is, the widow was actually pregnant at that time. as the sorrowful mother remains together with the mountain, a daughter was born, and became the core of the mountain which makes the mountain, an actual not yet active volcano which it will eventually, as the child comes of age. But after centuries when the time actually arrives, when she was supposed to erupt, the tenderness of her mother transformed her into a fine young lady, instead of a Volcano. But she is still a fiery light glowing Inferno, where her temperature can rise up to an exorbitant heat, and if she gets more frustrated and angry, she can still actually trigger the volcanic eruptions, which luckily until now she can still manages her anger. Except for one case when she caught her boyfriend cheating.. :

An earthquake which measured more than 4 on the Richter scale in the late 80s cracked support pillars of the SM Ranau Teachers' quarters to such an extent that teachers were advised to vacate the multi-storey building. In that incident, a forested mountain ridge behind Ranau was found split across the top by long, inch-wide fissures.

I wasnt bragging when I claimed to be the hottest girl alive!