Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sign of good things?

I was awaken by the sound of my handphone sms beeping this morning. Who wud've sms me this early morning? But I've anticipated it excitedly, hoping its another potential customers asking for price quote..

Well, it not. It's from a number I kinda familiar with, but usually the one that I would love to ignore. '200' .. Usually if this number comes up, its always a reminder for me to reload again, coz means I'm running out of credit. But to my surprise, It gives some 'alien' message. Well, It's still english, but a message which never heard of from this '200' guy before.

'U've received your reload bonus of RM40.70'

I mean, seriously?? Wow thats so cool!! Now I can sms more.. but pls don't suka2 miskol me hoping for me to call back ahh! Jaga kamu...

Anyway, been loyal to Digi for a while, and it seems they really do a good job.. So i guess it's always a smarter choice! And thanks for your willing to following me mr yellow bubly man sir!Always the smarter choice!(I'm not paid to say this... yet!)


Mrs. Ezman said...

bah roy..buleh la transfer ni :P

roy2lips said...

mau abis suda noy.. capat tul.. heheh

Mrs. Ezman said...

haha..itulah kalau free kan? cepat ja ni habis :p