Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just went back from a birthday party. Wasnt mine or any of my friend though. Was hired to take video. Bunch of cute kids running around playing games. Reminds me of something which doesnt reminds me of anything at all.. my god apa sya cakap nie..

But anyway, I didnt took any photos there coz it was assigned to my partner for taking photo. I was only taking videos.. But two nights before was an interesting morning. Dawn to be exact. One of my photography friends suggested something not so ordinary. Outing to the wet market at 4am.. It got me thrilled. Coz I've been wanting to do that for some times now, but wudnt have the courage to go there alone at that awkward hour.

We took some photos, almost slipped once or twice, got smelly and went home. Here are some photos to share..
Well this is not actually at the wet market, but we parked near here, and manage to get one extra long exposure shot of wisma merdeka.Coincidentally, I went to a fast breaking dinner with few other of my friends earlier at the Roof, Imperial Hotel. The view from there is quite nice as you can see the whole filipino market

I dont have a standard wide lens for the time being, so was just using my 50mm f1.4, which is also a good idea coz it's very dark there. This girl is waiting for something

Trading took place as early as 5am.

Alot more of my photo collections on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/roy_ajin/


BeautyBenefit101 said...

O my!! It's killing me :((

I miss KK so very much :(

T___T sobsbosob..

thanks for the pics Roy!

roy2lips said...

thanks laura.. :) ba faster and come back!.. hehe