Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raynold and Atyng

Ok, this is actually happened quite a few weeks ago. I get the opportunity to cover a more chinese style wedding. It was at Kg Muhibbah, Ranau. It's my few times having a job there, and I always loved it. It's not so hard to find their place, coz I am quite familiar to Ranau, being my own kampung, which is from my moms side.

After the chinese style tradition at their home, they continued to a location more familiar. The church. After the church ceremony around 12 pm, the couples went to their suite at hotel Perkasa(or i forgot what is its new name. Some world heritage something-something hotel) and we did some mini outdoor sessions. Thats what I love about Kundasang the most. The sun is shining right above our heads at 1pm, but the weather remains cool.

They had a break and continued the reception dinner at around 7pm at the hotel lounge.

Enjoy some of the pics.. might consider uploading more later..

The knocking sessions where the future husband plays around before the future wife lets him in.

The drink tea sessions.

Red packets handouts.. this fella is so happy to get one!

the bride and groom inside the church

The mini outdoor sessions, which was done just outside Perkasa hotel. The view is lovely there!

While the pengantin getting prepared these cousins wouldnt mind wasting a few megabytes of photography space.

A happily anticipated guest wishing them well with a toast


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