Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Theme W, for Woods.. sneaks

Makeup by Mr Palas, of Real X Saloon. ;) .. if u ever have a visit to his Saloon at kompleks Asia City, try mentioning about me and my blog. He might be happy, and might give you discount! haha.. but no promise there ok!

Introducing miss Domithila!(again with the unique names.!).. She represents the theme for the letter W, which is Woods. Here, she is a lonely girl who was lost in the woods, but managed to survive until she is a fine young lady.. throughout the process, she managed to learn the language of the forest, and comunicates with the wild.. Be sure to follow the full story!

Give me shelter, for you are my only hope, mr Tree

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Theme M, for Metro .. sneaky

Again, million thanks again for Mr Palas of Real X Saloon for his great touch for this session..

Now, introducing to everybody, Ms Rescyka( I wonder, how come all of you has a very unique name!).

She is the high IQ gifted girl, who roamed the city Metropolitan.

The present should be more futuristic than it is. It's like living in the past! Sigh~..!

Be sure to follow the full story...

Monday, April 20, 2009

The theme S, for Salsa.. sneak peak..

First of all, I am proud to announce that I am sponsored by Mr Palas, from Real X Saloon. Everyone can visit this gifted make up artist, and hairstylist at his saloon at ground floor, Asia City Complex!

I identified my 2nd model for the second theme.. well, not exactly in an alphabetically order, but it is at the right moment to choose the letter S, for Salsa.. featuring Pachara! Do follow me for the complete theme storyline.. but for now, a quick peak..

The latino girl, Salsa dancer by passion, a killer by hiring..

You aint going nowhere enamorado..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Behind the scene, on Apple theme

Well, this blogspot layout is not really ideal for youtubes new widescreen video iguess, so I'm just gonna leave you a link, and you can check it out.. once you are there, pls be sure to click the 'HQ' sign on the bottom right for a better quality

Behind the scene video

Cheerios.. keep updated!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates: Photoshooting Model Search Good news!

Somebody who is following closely on my progress is waiting anxiously for my activity to kick starts! Although officially it had begun, but I have yet to commit further, and still on the process of arranging a theme, and pairing it with suitable models who had applied. And to speed things up, he(who wud like to remain anonymous) is willing to sponsor some sort of prize to a winner! I'm not sure yet what that prize is(or maybe how much *wink wink*..), or to win what. But he is the type of guy who wudnt mind buying an iMac Pro, just to know how it works!

So, If you would like some incentives to motivate you, Now is the time to be motivated!

There is also a few entries from overseas, I thank you so much for your interest! But as I have no budget to go there(though how much I would love to) I have to hold on to your applications for awhile. So for not totally disappointing you, I would try to make this program open for sponsors who is willing to contribute! But until then my lovely models from out there, keep biting your fingernails.. heheh..

So anyone who have the heart of gold, or whether you are a boutique owner who wants your items to be used, or a makeup artist, or whatever drop me an email too! I will mention your names loud and clear to promote your names or outlets!

Like I've stated earlier, My theme is alphabetically order from A to Z. I have chosen a theme for a few alphabets, and will update from time to time. Theme chosen is something which is foreign, and uncommon locally.

Here is the list of alphabets:
A- Apple(Done, with Ivonne)
B- Bubble(Done, with Fayelina)
C- Chair(Done, with Ika)
D- Doll(Done, with Fiona)
E- Elves
F- Frost(Done, with Mathilda Amanda)
G- Ghost
H- Hat(Done, with Loura)
I- Inferno(Done, with Tantinny)
J- Jester(Done, with Dyssha)
K- Kimono
L- Luna(Done, with Sera)
M- Metro(Done, with Rescyca)
N- Nymph(Done, with Dazeree)
O- Oracle(Done, with Tini)
P- Princess(Done, with Tina)
Q- Queen(Done, with Farah)
R- Redneck(Done, with Sofiey)
S- Salsa(Done, with Pachara)
T- Twin(Done, with Shane featuring Irva)
U- Umbrella(Done, with Daisy)
V- Vampy(Done, with Cynthia)
W- Woods(Done, with Domithila)
Z- Zebra(Done, with Calista)

.. Ok, so far, the only thing is confirmed is there will be a prize!! So I automatically convert this 'activity' to a 'Competition'. I need to do a postmortem on what type of Competition this is, then I will be giving you updates! Participation is open until all slot is fully filled.

Thank you for following.

Earlier post on this program

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My photoshooting model search, officially begins.. starting with A, for Apple

For my recently announce activity, I've done a small launching, by inviting miss Fharrelyne Ivonne Henry as the model. She was our Unduk Ngadau State level winner, back in 2004.

To begin my first photoshoot, I starts with a theme which is by the initial letter 'A', and wud be serialized to B, C ... until Z ..

So the first one is Themed Apple.

It was done somewhere along the road to Tuaran, along the coastal beaches of Dalit.. although my series here doesnt look like its anywhere near a beach.

The activities include setting up an apple using a not-an-apple tree. Bought a few pieces of apple from the supermarket. Hang one or two apples up a tree(by piercing it through the pointy small branches) and i got myself an apple tree. Wanted to do grapes, but its tad expensive(Bagus lagi langsat!)

other than that, is just point and shoot. But I wont use si Ivon for a fashion like shots.. I intend to make it more of a storyline, where she has to portray herself in that story.

Well, still have no idea what I'm talking about?? Don't forget to follow my blog.. will make a short story, and also be including some video.

Red apple is jealous, coz he is the ripe, he is the bright, but instead Ivonne choose Mr Green!
"mr Red:Why I oughta..!!" .. coming soon..

Anyway, the search is still on! ---> Photoshooting Model Search


Monday, April 6, 2009

Photoshooting model search! 2009

OK, a more official approach to my activity.

Thanks to a few who had submit their applications. But it seems there is still few questions about my concept here.

Well, here is a few words to explain.

In my years of being a fulltime photographer, my favorite subject is Potraiture. I love to reveal to the world the beauty of Sabahan people. It is just my hobby, but which I'm glad, had helped a few talented people to be exposed. So while enjoying my hobby, I would like to give a chance to more hidden talents and beauty from Sabah. So if you think You got what it takes, hurry up and tell me.

All I need is for you to tell me. No big deal! haha.. Do remember. Photography is an art. You dont have to have Jessica Alba figure, or Ryo Mori face to be able to make a great photos. Everyone has their own quality, so dont be shy. I wont bite!.. all I want is for you to..
Drop your name:
photos(which will influence me to choose you):
at my email:powerhouse1982(at) .. or any other way you can reach me!

Few Q n A that I get(and might get):
What is your photoshoot concept?:
Not fixed. I do generally all kind of shoots. I choose on a certain individual and find a suitable theme for them.

Do I(chosen model) need to pay?:
No. This is a non-profit outing.

I never done this before. Can I still join?
Absolutely. Encouraged for new comers, as I wish to help expose hidden talents. But in the same time, seasoners/supermodels who wish to apply is much welcome too(but pls, I cannot afford to pay you yet hahah..)

Can I apply?(A question from a MALE):
Yes..! I do mainly on females, but I don't mind helping out a male.

Do I get to keep the photos taken?
Yes, 20 pieces of edited photos and a complimentary 12x18 large portrait prints.

Is my pictures going to be published?
Yes, base on approval by you to be featured on my blog. You have the rights to demand any pictures to be removed, by emailing me the reasons(but normally I would chose the most appropriate publishable photos).

OK, thats it for now.. If there is any other questions you would like to ask, do send me comments, or email me at powerhouse1982(at) .. the same email for you to send in your applications.

Kimmy Majalap at Nexus Karambunai..

Roy 2lips

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Model search is ON!

Well, the title sounds grand enough hahah. Well, just trying to reply on the popular questions on when I am going to do another photoshoot.. I am trying to come up with a different concept of photoshooting.. So if you think you got what it takes to be my model, don't hesitate to suggest yourself. Or you can suggest your fren, cousin, that chick next door, or whoever u think deserve to be exposed.. Male or Female!

What will you get? 20 professionally edited photos.
1 large potrait print(12x18).
A chance to get exposed to a modelling courier.

So wanna be part of 2lips?
Drop your name:
photos(which will influence me to choose you):

And also you can write a summary on why I should choose you:
"Eg: I have the height, my face looks like Jessica Alba and I really love to do modelling. Please pick me!"

Well, sounding that desperate isnt really necessary.. hahahah.. but its fine with me.

send to:
Send it to: 'powerhouse1982(at)'

You can also add me on facebook. Just search my name, Roy Ajin.

Hopes to hear from you soon!

PS: My booking for weddings photography service is open as usual! Ask me for price quotations!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Florinda at Tg Aru 2nd Beach

Ok, From now on I thnk I should do a different approach to my photos published here. It's a more interactive one so that me and all of us viewers can benefits to mine, and in general, our photos.

From now on, I would like to explain How I took the photos, what post processing(editing) I've done, and what goals do I expect from the outcom.

Lets start with Miss Florinda here, which I took last year, at Tanjung Aru beach 2, at the Lalu Lintas Shell.

On my first photo here, basically I hadnt have any plannings or theme for it. I had promise Florinda for a photoshoot for her, and here we went. But at the moment of shooting, I figured out that alot of objects stands tall(note the phony road signs, the trees etc..) So In my mind that time, It is best to make the model follow suit, and so I tried to make her as tall as the backgrounds which she did very well on her pose. To achieve that result, I bend down as low as possible(lying on the ground) and it kinda works, especially by making sure the distance of the next background object is abit farther. Further more, I include the phony road signs to balance the height of Florinda, Coz the road signs are shorter.

No PP(editing) done here, as it was already great out of the camera.

In this second shot, the background is a bunch of wild tree, crawling upwards without directions.. I took a low angle shot once again, and It seems that the posing that Florinda did complements the background(note how she bends backwards)

I did a minor PP, by enhancing the Saturation, to enhance the greens..

I was using my 50mm f1.4 all the while, but at various aperture