Monday, February 23, 2009

Miss Oriental, Outdoor nature swimsuit edition

The earlier sunset cruise can only fits few people, since its a rather small yacht.. So It seems unfair for other photographers who would like to take more photos of these lovely and sexy contestants. So Miss Anne of D'Junction organized another photography opportunity outings, where most of the contestants elegantly pose for the camera..

The outings were being held at Kiansom, Inanam but had a short visit at the Mari-mari cultural village first. 9 of the finalist strike a pose that day, and the rest cudnt make it due to personal commitments. Few photographers came, and and were jawdropped by the beautily figure of the ladies, combined with a lovely waterfall nature background.

I guess I'll share this two group photos for the time being, since the rest of the pose is just too hot to handle. haha.. Will post other pics of them, if any of you readers request it.. ;)

Miss Orientals Sunset Cruise by SeaQuest

Ok.. last monday I get the priviledge to join in the sunset cruise with 5 Miss Oriental Finalist!.. what an enjoyable experience! Other than theres 5 hot and sexy babes on board, the sunset view was marvelous.. ok I'm gonna share some photos, which are allowed to be posted, since we signed an agreement form.

Wel here we go..

Monday, February 2, 2009

A landscape for a change

Well, when was the last time I posted a scenery type of photos? Maybe a gazillion years now.. hahah.. well, It's not that I'm not good at it. It's that I am so interested to take photos that I can interact with. Photos that when I take it, the subject would be able to appreciate me verbally. Coz I feel happy, if I can make a person happy. That's why I keep on taking portraiture, instead of natures. But after a while, I think the nature had been making me happy instead, but I failed to show them appreciation. So, for once, I forced myself up early in the morning, and wants to share to all of us how the world is always amazingly beautiful. So here I'm gonna share a few pics that I took when I went up mount kinabalu!(joking..) I meant, bukit padang, at Taman Tunfuad. Me and a few frens(jajalest frens!) went up as early as 5.15am .. well, it's not that early. But for my timing, thats as early as it gets!

Well, I think I might get more landscaping photos from now onwards. But It's the time of year where school sporting events are taking place, so do expect some sweaty actions from me!