Thursday, April 9, 2009

My photoshooting model search, officially begins.. starting with A, for Apple

For my recently announce activity, I've done a small launching, by inviting miss Fharrelyne Ivonne Henry as the model. She was our Unduk Ngadau State level winner, back in 2004.

To begin my first photoshoot, I starts with a theme which is by the initial letter 'A', and wud be serialized to B, C ... until Z ..

So the first one is Themed Apple.

It was done somewhere along the road to Tuaran, along the coastal beaches of Dalit.. although my series here doesnt look like its anywhere near a beach.

The activities include setting up an apple using a not-an-apple tree. Bought a few pieces of apple from the supermarket. Hang one or two apples up a tree(by piercing it through the pointy small branches) and i got myself an apple tree. Wanted to do grapes, but its tad expensive(Bagus lagi langsat!)

other than that, is just point and shoot. But I wont use si Ivon for a fashion like shots.. I intend to make it more of a storyline, where she has to portray herself in that story.

Well, still have no idea what I'm talking about?? Don't forget to follow my blog.. will make a short story, and also be including some video.

Red apple is jealous, coz he is the ripe, he is the bright, but instead Ivonne choose Mr Green!
"mr Red:Why I oughta..!!" .. coming soon..

Anyway, the search is still on! ---> Photoshooting Model Search



Girllyen 'TM' said...

Sya tau sudah bro akan buat gitu.. hahahahah! Tapi kanapa bukan langsat? Miahahah~ :p

roy2lips said...

wakakakaa.. belum musim bah sis.. cmana juga.. heheh

Fharelynne said...

eeee...i shud be eating the red one..haha..but i like the theme..there is a story to it:)

Mrs. Ezman said...

where is the video roy? .. durian jgn lupa ah hehehe