Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Theme T, for Twin

My story continues with the Letter T. This time introducing two lovely sisters, Shane and Irva. The story is like this. These two teenager is as normal as any ongoing youngsters out there. But little that anyone know about their military regime training background past..

Be sure to follow their story coming soon...Taking care of the president is a much easier task than taking care of you..


_tuLanG.iKaN.kEwL_ said...

wow! nice work here. :D

dun want to take me as model for the theme D for Doll?
haha. no, im just kidding.

roy2lips said...

Heya thanks.. I'm sorry, but Doll is oredy reserved.. but i really hope u want to participate, and we can arrange a theme for you.. :)

Dierdre said...

uuu waW.... memang twins kah ni? Roy when's my turn??? hahahaaahaa

roy2lips said...

Itu yg sa tunggu2, ko punya penyertaan nie Deirdre... nti buat utk ko ok! :)

ermm.. kembar ka derang ni ahh.. kasi ya saja laa hahaha..