Thursday, April 2, 2009

Florinda at Tg Aru 2nd Beach

Ok, From now on I thnk I should do a different approach to my photos published here. It's a more interactive one so that me and all of us viewers can benefits to mine, and in general, our photos.

From now on, I would like to explain How I took the photos, what post processing(editing) I've done, and what goals do I expect from the outcom.

Lets start with Miss Florinda here, which I took last year, at Tanjung Aru beach 2, at the Lalu Lintas Shell.

On my first photo here, basically I hadnt have any plannings or theme for it. I had promise Florinda for a photoshoot for her, and here we went. But at the moment of shooting, I figured out that alot of objects stands tall(note the phony road signs, the trees etc..) So In my mind that time, It is best to make the model follow suit, and so I tried to make her as tall as the backgrounds which she did very well on her pose. To achieve that result, I bend down as low as possible(lying on the ground) and it kinda works, especially by making sure the distance of the next background object is abit farther. Further more, I include the phony road signs to balance the height of Florinda, Coz the road signs are shorter.

No PP(editing) done here, as it was already great out of the camera.

In this second shot, the background is a bunch of wild tree, crawling upwards without directions.. I took a low angle shot once again, and It seems that the posing that Florinda did complements the background(note how she bends backwards)

I did a minor PP, by enhancing the Saturation, to enhance the greens..

I was using my 50mm f1.4 all the while, but at various aperture

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