Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Theme O, for Oracle

Makeup By Palas, of Real X Saloon..

As the character introduction continues, now is the time to introduce to you, Tini. The Oracle.. She is the fierceful lady, she is the creature of light. The light manipulation she produce enables her to be able to predict someones future.

You are so predictable!


resyscaz said...

the nicest one so far roy..i luv da model too* theme..cari yg cantik2 lagi ah.hehe

roy2lips said...

Thanks Resc.. nti I cari yg cantik2 lagi.. hehehe

Jill said...

The best of the best - She suited the Theme very well. :) Well Done Roy!

May I suggest you the following for your themes:

L - Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (Phantom of the Opera - if you fancy a bit of french). :)
X - X-men (Perhaps a Man Model for this one?)
Y -YANKEE (Feeling a bit of American? Or may be you could get someone to wear the American Football jersey for the shooting? Man or Woman will do! )
Z - ZOMBIE ( Someone with a little bit of the dark side for this?)

roy2lips said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion.. I will take into consideration all of them.. but i didnt, I might be inspired by some of them.. :)

Jill said...

You're welcome, hope it helps, just came out of my mind when browsing around ur blog. Great idea for the themes competition.

p/s: I damn wish I am in sabah now, so that I can apply too!:P