Monday, March 23, 2009

Miss Oriental Grand Finals

The moments people have been waiting for, since been anticipating from day one. The Grand Finals. 15 ladies battles it out to be crowned as Miss Oriental 2009. Well, If we look at it at a glance of all of these ladies, It's impossible to tell who would be the winner. I was tossing my coins yet it still didn't help much coz all of the finalist is as sure as heck pretty, stunning and hot! If machines were built to judge, I'm sure it will go haywire and explode!

Well, I didnt took much of the stages show, since I got alot of other photographer partners crowding the area, I just took as much as I can off stage, and some prize giving ceremony..

Show here are the situations that we need to face, if we want to take photos..

This is the crowning, from one kim to another.(Kimmy Majalap to Kim Stan)

The previous Miss Oriental with her date. Kimberly and Kalik

For the first round, they put a grand entrance by entering from the main entrance, not like usual where they enter from the sides.

Venency having a quick glance at Eva's joke.

Well, this was while make-up, Kay getting prepared

Ok, there is no competition for man hunk, but this guy(Mr Jackson Jibit) Shud be in the running, if he happens to join, im pretty sure!

Again the line of winners, which unfortunately bcoz of the capacity of other photogs, narrowed my line of sight.

Radzie the man! He won the best photography competition. But these are not his prize winnings!

Things people do to get a decent shot that night. Mr Gerry become mr Spidey.

The individual rounds, where each and everyone is waiting for their turns

The non competitors, Ms Julylen and Ak.!

And finally two of my close frens, getting close with creative color lightings..!

Overall, it was a great momenst while the on going of Miss Orientals. I might post more pics, if there is demands. But so far, this is it.

Well, the results that night is, The grand winner is Miss Kim Stan, besides capturing miss Congeniality and miss Popular. Runners up is miss Pearl Dianne, which also walks away with the best cheongsam and miss Body Beautiful. Third is Miss Crystel Eve and also walks away with miss photogenic. Other noteful contestants are Miss Madona Nandu for best Catwalk.

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