Saturday, April 4, 2009

Model search is ON!

Well, the title sounds grand enough hahah. Well, just trying to reply on the popular questions on when I am going to do another photoshoot.. I am trying to come up with a different concept of photoshooting.. So if you think you got what it takes to be my model, don't hesitate to suggest yourself. Or you can suggest your fren, cousin, that chick next door, or whoever u think deserve to be exposed.. Male or Female!

What will you get? 20 professionally edited photos.
1 large potrait print(12x18).
A chance to get exposed to a modelling courier.

So wanna be part of 2lips?
Drop your name:
photos(which will influence me to choose you):

And also you can write a summary on why I should choose you:
"Eg: I have the height, my face looks like Jessica Alba and I really love to do modelling. Please pick me!"

Well, sounding that desperate isnt really necessary.. hahahah.. but its fine with me.

send to:
Send it to: 'powerhouse1982(at)'

You can also add me on facebook. Just search my name, Roy Ajin.

Hopes to hear from you soon!

PS: My booking for weddings photography service is open as usual! Ask me for price quotations!


Fharelynne said...

lawa lah marketing strategy roy ;)

roy2lips said...

mau jadi lebih interactive sama blog readers ba von.. ekeke...