Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Opener:Wedding season is coming around! Hurry up and ask me for quotes, and book me, coz the slot is filling in fast! And if you book early, even if I'm occupied on your wedding date, I might be able to find you an equally(or better) wedding photographer at an affordable price!

Ok guys, I know, I know, when is my next theme.. but that is a good question. I was planning on something else these few weeks, which made me go idle on this theme photoshooting. And all the while I also had been planning for the remaining few themes, some which I've already assigned, and some which still needs deep considering. So for those who is still waiting for your turn, Im so sorry to keep u guys waiting, but hey, what can I do.. I promise it will be soon ok?.. :)

All the while, this activity I had done really gave me new experience. I learn more on my photography skills, and I also learned how to set up something, from nothing. Apart from that, Ive been meeting alot of new peoples(especially those themed girls models ;) ) ..All of you are gorgeous! and thanks for being so frenly as well.. Its great to see some of you had been noticed, and in hot demands. Proud to be the first to introduced you! :) :)

Some of you might question my motif of doing all these hard work for free?? .. Well, apart from having the chance to meet bunch of hot, stunning girls you might ask?? Well, there is a motive. But it's too soon to reveal. It will benefit many, especially the photography industry. And you need to stay tuned to find out. But basically, its about sharing opportunities. Coz sharing is caring.

So apart from that, do stay tune for the theme photoshooting finale, as it will be an explosive one. See ya around guys!

Oh yaa by the way, .. If you still think you should be featured in my blog, and you think you got what it takes to be a model, but havent got a stepping stone, you can still send me your profiles, and if you might not get involved on this one, I might consider doing some other photoshooting activities..

PS: Wedding season is coming around! Hurry up and ask me for quotes, and book me, coz the slot is filling in fast!


memeljoan said...

ya roy, sa sdh book ko tu kan nnt...jan lupa aaa...eheheh

roy2lips said...

OK cuzzy.. dun worry.. heheh.. ndk sabar2 suda

Anonymous said...

hi roy, masih buli memohon ka jadi model themed photoshoot tu?

roy2lips said...

buli bah.. teruskan memohon.. if tida sempat pun teikut yg skrg punya project, ada byk lagi project2 lain akan datang.. :)