Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Theme W, for Woods.. sneaks

Makeup by Mr Palas, of Real X Saloon. ;) .. if u ever have a visit to his Saloon at kompleks Asia City, try mentioning about me and my blog. He might be happy, and might give you discount! haha.. but no promise there ok!

Introducing miss Domithila!(again with the unique names.!).. She represents the theme for the letter W, which is Woods. Here, she is a lonely girl who was lost in the woods, but managed to survive until she is a fine young lady.. throughout the process, she managed to learn the language of the forest, and comunicates with the wild.. Be sure to follow the full story!

Give me shelter, for you are my only hope, mr Tree


sweet-girlicious said...

nice roy..hahhah jan ko lupa ah sapa e2 yang recommend..wkakka..x when is my turn?wakkaka

roy2lips said...

si fiona juga laa harapan! Agent mencari model sia.. hahaha.. ba kasi lengang dulu nie bz nie, trus kita buat la ahh.. hehe..

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Miahahah.. awu! Lawa~!