Monday, April 6, 2009

Photoshooting model search! 2009

OK, a more official approach to my activity.

Thanks to a few who had submit their applications. But it seems there is still few questions about my concept here.

Well, here is a few words to explain.

In my years of being a fulltime photographer, my favorite subject is Potraiture. I love to reveal to the world the beauty of Sabahan people. It is just my hobby, but which I'm glad, had helped a few talented people to be exposed. So while enjoying my hobby, I would like to give a chance to more hidden talents and beauty from Sabah. So if you think You got what it takes, hurry up and tell me.

All I need is for you to tell me. No big deal! haha.. Do remember. Photography is an art. You dont have to have Jessica Alba figure, or Ryo Mori face to be able to make a great photos. Everyone has their own quality, so dont be shy. I wont bite!.. all I want is for you to..
Drop your name:
photos(which will influence me to choose you):
at my email:powerhouse1982(at) .. or any other way you can reach me!

Few Q n A that I get(and might get):
What is your photoshoot concept?:
Not fixed. I do generally all kind of shoots. I choose on a certain individual and find a suitable theme for them.

Do I(chosen model) need to pay?:
No. This is a non-profit outing.

I never done this before. Can I still join?
Absolutely. Encouraged for new comers, as I wish to help expose hidden talents. But in the same time, seasoners/supermodels who wish to apply is much welcome too(but pls, I cannot afford to pay you yet hahah..)

Can I apply?(A question from a MALE):
Yes..! I do mainly on females, but I don't mind helping out a male.

Do I get to keep the photos taken?
Yes, 20 pieces of edited photos and a complimentary 12x18 large portrait prints.

Is my pictures going to be published?
Yes, base on approval by you to be featured on my blog. You have the rights to demand any pictures to be removed, by emailing me the reasons(but normally I would chose the most appropriate publishable photos).

OK, thats it for now.. If there is any other questions you would like to ask, do send me comments, or email me at powerhouse1982(at) .. the same email for you to send in your applications.

Kimmy Majalap at Nexus Karambunai..

Roy 2lips


DorisJ said...

Roy extra Q ya..

1)can i follow you shooting them?

p.s i can bring extra non experience model ;) or

2)shall i ask them to apply first?

roy2lips said...

1) The best I can do is,I can bring the featured model for an open photoshoots after ive done with the theme session, but with different attire. but my time of shooting is most of the times at an odd timing(brapa byk kali laa sebut 'time' nie heheh), and ofcoz can bring models, experience or non.. :)

2)If they want to participate, they need to apply, so I can study and fit them into an appropriate theme. If not, then we can just do a normal photoshooting sessions laa.. hehe.. but they need to apply, for a chance to win the grand prize(which I'm still not sure what it is)

:) thanks for asking... :)