Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates: Photoshooting Model Search Good news!

Somebody who is following closely on my progress is waiting anxiously for my activity to kick starts! Although officially it had begun, but I have yet to commit further, and still on the process of arranging a theme, and pairing it with suitable models who had applied. And to speed things up, he(who wud like to remain anonymous) is willing to sponsor some sort of prize to a winner! I'm not sure yet what that prize is(or maybe how much *wink wink*..), or to win what. But he is the type of guy who wudnt mind buying an iMac Pro, just to know how it works!

So, If you would like some incentives to motivate you, Now is the time to be motivated!

There is also a few entries from overseas, I thank you so much for your interest! But as I have no budget to go there(though how much I would love to) I have to hold on to your applications for awhile. So for not totally disappointing you, I would try to make this program open for sponsors who is willing to contribute! But until then my lovely models from out there, keep biting your fingernails.. heheh..

So anyone who have the heart of gold, or whether you are a boutique owner who wants your items to be used, or a makeup artist, or whatever drop me an email too! I will mention your names loud and clear to promote your names or outlets!

Like I've stated earlier, My theme is alphabetically order from A to Z. I have chosen a theme for a few alphabets, and will update from time to time. Theme chosen is something which is foreign, and uncommon locally.

Here is the list of alphabets:
A- Apple(Done, with Ivonne)
B- Bubble(Done, with Fayelina)
C- Chair(Done, with Ika)
D- Doll(Done, with Fiona)
E- Elves
F- Frost(Done, with Mathilda Amanda)
G- Ghost
H- Hat(Done, with Loura)
I- Inferno(Done, with Tantinny)
J- Jester(Done, with Dyssha)
K- Kimono
L- Luna(Done, with Sera)
M- Metro(Done, with Rescyca)
N- Nymph(Done, with Dazeree)
O- Oracle(Done, with Tini)
P- Princess(Done, with Tina)
Q- Queen(Done, with Farah)
R- Redneck(Done, with Sofiey)
S- Salsa(Done, with Pachara)
T- Twin(Done, with Shane featuring Irva)
U- Umbrella(Done, with Daisy)
V- Vampy(Done, with Cynthia)
W- Woods(Done, with Domithila)
Z- Zebra(Done, with Calista)

.. Ok, so far, the only thing is confirmed is there will be a prize!! So I automatically convert this 'activity' to a 'Competition'. I need to do a postmortem on what type of Competition this is, then I will be giving you updates! Participation is open until all slot is fully filled.

Thank you for following.

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Kris and Nadia said...

yay.. nicey :) keep up the good work there :)

Mrs. Ezman said...

Roy.. sa mau jadi model ko, blh? wakakkaka.. perasan ja sa ni. mana layak :P anw, apa prize dia? :)

sweet-girlicious said...

all the best to you....

roy2lips said...

thankx kris and nadia.. will try my best..

ok ba tue noy.. apply jak! heheh..

thanks fion.. ;)

edrie said...

should call him Mister Annonymous roy. I believe I know who he is. haha..

Kris and Nadia said...

haha c noy.. ba noy apa lg apply ja ba.. buli tu.. sya tgk gmbr d flickr ko okay ja tu.. ada trip2 model jg ni.. :) asieymen.. :) roy, ble ka bpasangan pya.. baru ada aura.. ahhaha...

roy2lips said...

no edrie.. its sumone else..*like i know hwo ure thinking* .. hehehe

Jaywalker Jane said...

ba, lagi...apa huruf ke-28??

Mrs. Ezman said...

Roy... N suda ada ka org apply? i'd like to put my sister here as ur model.tapi x tau dia mau ka tidak hahahha... N for netball... ok bah kan? :-)

roy2lips said...

I will consider tue Noy.. hehehe.. ;) .. ba suru laa dia apply.. :)

Mrs. Ezman said...

hehehe..nanti la sa tlg apply kan. tanya luks si adik ni :P

Anonymous said...

Can i make a suggestion for your theme alphabet? bored ba me now..hehehe..

F- Fairy
H- Head Huntress
I- Imp
J- Joker
L- Librarian(nie ngam kalo ada unsur sexy..haha!u get wat i mean)
N- Nymphs
Q- Queen
U- Undercover spy
V- Vixen
X- X'mas
Y- Yuppie
Z- Zodiac

roy2lips said...

Wow.. thanks so much for the suggestion, the anonymous.. wud consider all very deeply.. :) .. tpi why men anonymous2 nie..??? hehehe

most of the one u suggested, also came out in my mind.. but how to do it is the main issue .. hehe.. btway.. apa tu Vixen?? sounds cool though.. haha

Anonymous said...

Siok ba men anonymous..haha..makes you wonder who i am kan...LOL..don't worry you don't know me..I'm just a passerby who happens to stumble upon your blog. :D

Neway, Vixen is a female fox. Another definition for it is a malicious woman with a fierce temper.

Nothing is impossible. With your strong imagination, I'm sure you can come up with a creative idea. I think with the right kind of artistic makeup, background, pose and definitely can make that shot! :D Maybe you could try searching in Deviantart to at least get an idea on how you could do those shots.

Btw, I love all your shots! Nice and also interesting short story caption. I think i might apply..hehe...see ya!

roy2lips said...

Well try applying.. maybe you can be the Vixen... :)

Cintha Rajah said...

wow. didnt know that u have a blog [i know i sound so lame :D] love the idea of the alphabet theme :)

roy2lips said...

haha.. yep, but im kinda stuck now with other commitments, so i can only continue with the rest of the themes pretty soon.. :)