Monday, March 23, 2009

Korean Superstar, Hwang In Yeong

She came with a TV crew as a spokes person for Garcinia slimming products. And I have the priviledge to actually become the official photographer for the whole trip. Maybe becoz of my korean background(I hope u believe me on this hahah..)

Her name is Hwang In Yeong, and she had been starred in a few famous Korean Drama like 'Cool' and the movie 'SWAT'. Well, it might not be as famous here, compared to at Korea, but still.. hahah

The day started with a trip to Pulau Sapi, from Sutera Harbour Jetty. The first time I saw her, I was like 'Oh my.. Wow!!'.

Some Pulau Sapi activities

After that, like a coincidence, I get to ride the Sunset Cruise once again(first time was with the miss orientals finalist), except that this time it wasnt a sunset. It's at broad daylight under the heat of the sun. But that what made the photo sessions great. As you can see, the clouds are magnificently blue!

Another Cruise shots

To strike a smile under that sun is something she can do well!

Well, after the cruise trip, we went back to KK, and stop at Center point for a while, and they do some minor shoppings(Well, its for the video purpose actually. But you know what will happen when girls told to shop..!)

The trip continues at Nexus Karambunai Resort, where they were staying. This shot is actually a video session. But I manage to snaps a few shot, and succeeded to give a true 'korean' feel to it.

Well, for day two, it was Sun all day long. Volleyballs, beach picnics. But just look at the sky!

Well, we went to Kelly Bays, and I made a few photo sessions, where they want to make it more of a jungle sexy look.

I told her to bend a little, but she bends more, but then it still comes out great!

..and for this final shot, I want her to look more fierce, so i brought her deeper inside the insect infested jungle. That made her abit upset, but being a professional as she is, she still manage to glance a sinister smile. Which is exactly what I expected from her.

Cheerios.. I got alot more pics of her, and the crew.. but will post it if theres demands..
She came with a TV crew as a spokes person for Garcinia slimming products


C O N C O N said...

Ooo really? u Korean?

roy2lips said...

hehehehe.. ya korean ba nie.. hahah..

Anonymous said...

more! more! more!

roy2lips said...

I'll consider it.. heheh

DorisJ said...

i like the last picture of her. very nice mood and expression. you really had fun shooting her. again congrats Roy!

roy2lips said...

Thanks Doris.. yeah, really had fun! minus the language barrier.. hehe

Alvira said...

mana tue kelly bays? hehe

roy2lips said...

Kelly bays ialah di Tuaran.. lebih kurang area2 Rasa ria... heheh

Sheena said...

waa cantik oh dia...