Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KK streets at night

ok, few days back, my friend Tom bring me to take a nightshots of KK, especially the streets. So there we are, with our heavy tripods in the middle of KK streets taking long exposure photos. The result truns out very nice, for my liking. Though coz of limited time, I only managed to get few shots.. tell me what you think!

After this wud be covering the KK International Marathon. And also the new beast in town, Mitsuoka.. stay tune!


DorisJ said...

yeaah..dalam blog lagi outstanding
cos of the dark templates. very nice Roy. great works. lookin fwd your marathon shoti terlepas ni event.
ada ko shot anna-rina lari 10km?

Mrs. Ezman said...

anna-rina ada lari ka baru2 ni? hehe...looking forward too...:D

roy2lips said...

ada! kebetulan nampak dia lari tuari.. hehehe.. nti i upload.. settle some things dulu.. hehehe

Marylyn said...

I like the second pic... nice

roy2lips said...

thank you Marylyn.. ;)