Sunday, October 12, 2008

For once, a male model!

Ya laa.. I know u people merungut(especially the female readers, and maybe some males i dont know.. :\ ) that y always female model.. never male model mehh?? ..

So now i include this person. Who is he?? Why is he so lucky to be amongst all the girls to be included in my blog??

Well, his name is Royston Fahd, people call him Royce, or Roy.. which is confusing coz thats what people call me!

Well.. he got the privileged, coz he's my younger bro. Lucky bastard! hahaha.. We at home call him Baby, for being the youngest. He claimed to be an ex classmate to Miss Kimberly Majalap(Dia bilang laa.. saya pun pecaya jak laa.. ntah betul ka tida..Mo tanya si kimmy sendiri nie.. hahaha) elehh.. ex-classmate ja bah.. ingatkan ex bf!.. hehehe..

here you go..


DorisJ said...

oh..adik ko rupanya
emmm..buli tahan buli tahan..

great job
congrats to both of you!

roy2lips said...

yaa.. adik sya..

thanks doris.. :)