Friday, October 17, 2008

KK international Marathon

As promised. The cover for the recent KK marathon. It was a sleepy weekend for me. I had to wake up as early as 3am to get ready, and be at stadium Likas before 4am, which the first run starts. Went there, there was a few other photographers also standby, inlcuding my friends.

Overall, it was a fun event. Not to mention, a funny one. I as usual didnt carry a media pass, which I failed to collect before the event. At one time, I was being escort off the starting point by some lady for interfering. I wasnt carrying my camera at that time coz a friend is borrowing my camera for a while. For sure I wasnt interfering at all.. but it was alright. Was my fault for letting go of my camera, and the lady was just doing her job. after that, all things were settled. Nancy Lamau laughed all the way.. kurang asam! hahaha..

Ok, here are some of my takes..

The starting of the Half Marathon. As usual, the africans would lead the pack. And so will it be until finish.

Ok, I was lucky to reach one part where Anna-Rina was running steadily.I'm pretty sure that's her, aint it?

I dont know how many contestant participated, but It was quite a few.

This is where traffic is being hold the most, to give way. I like this capture, as it shows a two way and two type of traffic flow..

Coming near to Sutera Harbour. Even If they dont win, atleast they get free 100 plus!

This was my personal favorite.

The full marathon startings, which guns off at 4 am.

The fastest, and first Malaysian of the pack. He did quite a respectful time.

The first lady to finish

Age isn't a barrier for competing.

Just couldn't help it :) :) ..

Ok, probably the most promising runners. I doubt they can even last until the stadium exit! haha.. Silly Julian and Fara at it again!

Thanks for viewing. :)


Isa said...

Roy, aku sama trex missed ini event sbb kami ingat start jam 4.30PM... rupa2nya start at 4.30AM... hahahahaha...

DorisJ said...

yeaah..that's anna-rina..
and julian sama fara memang pun steady.. lucu couples.
emmmm semua peserta pun fit oh!
memang bersemangat. tukang gambar dia pun steady..
congrats Roy.. well done!!

roy2lips said...

thanks doris.. ya fit2 smua.. panat sya kajar sambil bawa len basar.. hahaha

adehh.. ada plak org lari start kul 5 isa.. time derang abis, malam suda.. haha

misslamau said...

aku inda buli lupakan kejadian hitam tu roy! funny geng! wakakakaka!!!

roy2lips said...

kurang asamm.. ko la tue, mo p begbr sma si anna-rina kunun!.. hahaha

LeeHng said...

Alamak!!! u got a pic of me n fara!!!???

aha i pinjam tu gambar k? credit to SUPER ROY!!! XD

roy2lips said...

ok tue.. haha