Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2011

Once again, the climax of this year Kaamatan state level celebration.
The Unduk Ngadau Competition, 2011.
Here are what I managed to capture

The full 40 participants from all over Sabah

The crowds wanting to get a view of the most beautiful Sabahan contested.

The question and answer stage

the 15 finalist get to do their final catwalk before being judged

Miss Inanam made her way

..and ofcourse my personal fav from my kampung, from Ranau

and then it became 7.. anybody who reached this level should be very proud

and the final two comes down to Jovenea and Bo Tiza

And finally, I'm sure from a very minimal difference in points aparting them, Miss Bo Tiza Disimon became the winner of this year Unduk Ngadau

Crystel having her final seat before surrendering the crown to a new winner

and the legacy continues..

Congratulations to all the winner!

1st: Bo Tiza, Penampang
2nd: Jovenea, Tamparuli
3rd: Carolyne, Tuaran
4th: Sophie, Ranau
5th: DBKK
6th: Sandakan
7th: Likas

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