Friday, June 22, 2012

Sabah FA in trouble?

Is the Sabah FA at it again? Time after time again we Sabahan been waiting for a nice run by our football team. And after a few good season(climbing back to the Super League) and a quite decent 1st season on the top flight, now we're on the brink of doom again. 

Starting from an away lost at an empty stadium to neighboring Sarawak, and now a 9-0 trashing of the lions international scraps.. and followed by a 4-0 thumping at home by a minnow club, PKNS, makes us wonder, what are they actually doing up there(Management)?

To be fair, we might be missing few important players namely Rozaimi(international duty, good for him!) and our captain Reithaudeen. But I'm sure whoever is replacing them should atleast keep the scoreline respectable! I mean, Sabah is a football loving state, and talents are everywhere, unless the scouts(if we have any) didnt do their job correctly. I think they(the scouts) failed miserably, coz as we can see, the players are recycled year after year. Same faces again and again, while KL managed to find a pearl while we're digging dirt. If not, Hazwan Bakiri, a Labuan lad, should be playing for us by now! He even scored hattricks few times for the National team!

In the wake of the 9-0 trashing, some claimed foul play, which I hope that's not the case. Lets just hope its a minor hiccups for the players to have a kick in the behind for them to move far forward. I just hope the players can improve themself and show their true potentials. Don't blame the fans. They are there to tell you to improve, or else whoelse is there to do that? And the management team, please do something, and if you're not capable, let someone who is.

Players like Bobby Gonzales, you once show us Sabahan that we have hope, we have talent. Stop doing what you are doing now(playing terribly) and bring back your former self! Score goal!!

I hardly update my blog nowadays, so me blogging this must meant that a situation is going on!

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