Friday, May 13, 2011

doing some strobist

Well, it is always great to be able to create great photos especially on portraits. But it is undeniably gives a super edge if multiple external flash is being used. Here are some of my strobist(or is that what it is called?) photos..

On a rainy day, it seems the water gives extra special effects on the strobing process
Here are the 2010 Miss Malaysia Earth, miss Appey Rowena.. stunning in her swimwear
Using two external flash, i decided to give more effects using color gel
Like i said, the water always gives nice effects, otherwise very hard to achieve if not using multiple external flash

Would share some more photos, maybe with the strobing info


TheGirL-ItS-Daisy said...

I think this is a beautiful picture

Daisy said...

i think this is a beautiful picture.

plumbersdenver2000 said...

I really like this photo, the reflection in the water really, adds something to the picture it actually transforms it from a photograph to a piece of art.

Shahin Ullah said...

wow very nice post and good site