Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan Fasting month. 1st day

Ok, Today I went for my first Bazaar ramadhan visit. Eventually its the first day of fasting Ramadhan month, and thankfully it went well. This first day, I went to Bazaar Ramadhan at Asia City Pasar Tani. Usually this market is only open every wednesday and friday morning. But for this whole month, it will be open for business selling a lot of very nice varieties of foods. Here is how I went through it which I manage to capture using my 7D, with my Tokina 12-24mm .. Went there with mo bro, and after that met up with Ak.huzaireen. Get well soon bro..
I parked my car near Asia City Complex, and this is the first photo. On the right side is the Cititel Express Hotel.

As it is the first day, I guess that contributes the crowds. Well its not an easy task going through it.

This is the crowds further ahead. Bunch of hungry people I suppose. :)

The kuih tarang bulan(Fullmoon cake). My favorite. I remember the time it was only rm1.00, now its RM1.50 ..

Bunch of traditional cakes.. I didnt grab any. Maybe tomorow..

They say it is always nice to break our fast with dates. But I didnt bought any though..

One of the most common drinks, Sugar cane and Cendol.

This guy makes so much noise. But im sure he makes the Martabak Jawa better..

There was an interview going on by a TV crew, I think theire from RTM.

I bought myself a Kue Tiaw goreng from them. Price:Rm1 + a photo snap.. :)

And as I wrap it up, took another final snap.

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ak_wellknown said...

Gettin better able to finish my puasa on the 1st day of ramadhan. well, sabah very rich with those variety foods & drinks. But please be aware, the road will be jamm jamm jamm! so my advise, plan well for the trip.where to where , when to can skip the traffic jamm! keep ur blog update, u doing it gr8!