Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 5th International Sabah Folklore Dance Festival

Ok, So last week, (around July 2010) I went for this spectacular dance, the Sabah International Folklore Dance Festival. It was participated by a few countries from all over thhe world. I also covered for the last years 4th edition, and this year it was great too!

Actually the whole festival was held from 18th to the 27th July, 2010. The Local dance competition was held from 21st and 22nd July, where all the local primary and secondary school from all over Sabah participated. Even then, the dances was superb.

The International level was held on the 24th and 25th at the Sabah Cultural Hall. On the opening day, there was some minor glitches happened, as the lights went out and took for about 5 minutes, while the participants from each country was introduced. It went totally dark, except for the spirited traditional music intrument teams keeps the mood going. Luckily everything went back to normal after that, and it went smoothly afterwards

Here are some of the photo collections from each participating countries:

The opening theme song
Team Singapore.

Team Kazakhstan.
Team Thailand

Team Chinese Taipei

Team Saudi Arabia

Team Romania

Team Uzbekistan

Team Philippines

Team Latvia

Team Indonesia

Team China

Team India

Team Egypt

and the performance by our local artist, Joanna Sue-Henley Rampas and Petrus Pressly

Overall, it was an impressive and informative performance from all who took part