Friday, July 2, 2010

Model Casting!

Your chance to be a model for various company ads, fashion show, photoshoots or other events.

If interested to be our model, do send me your details(age,current location,occupation etc..) and photos(You may send me your best photos or link me your FB profile photos).

Send to powerhouse1982(at) or PM me on my FB account,

Based in Sabah, Malaysia.

The criteria I am looking for is presentable, daring and committed. No experience is needed(but is an advantage).

All your details are private and confidential

Peluang kamu untuk jadi model untuk perlbagai syarikat pengiklanan, pertunjukan fesyen, sesi bergambar atau lain2 event.

Sekiranya berminat utk menjadi model kami, sila hantar maklumat anda(umur,lokasi sekarang,pekerjaan dan lain2..) dan gambar anda(anda boleh menghantar gambar terbaik ke email atau bagi link profile photo FB anda).

Hantar ke powerhouse1982(at) atau PM ke FB saya

Kriteria yg kami cari ialah pandai mempersembahkan diri, berani dan komited. Pengalaman tidak diperlukan(namun ianya satu kelebihan)

Segala maklumat anda adalah rahsiah.


V said...

Hey,I just saw this adv. Do I need to be tall,slim and slender?:)

F.Y. - AeChi said...

is this still on-going??

roy2lips said...

Hello .. sorry for the late updates.. yes it is still going on.. and is still open for participation.. :)

v said...

Hi Roy, I've sent my pics to you.But there is no reply. Did you see those pics? Thanks.

roy2lips said...

Oh yaa... I got it.. thanks for posting. I was a little bit busy during Hari Raya. I will keep you updated from time to time ok.. thanks again :)

v said...

Hi Roy. That's great. So how was it? Do I get the chance? :P

roy2lips said...

Everyone have will have a fair chance, .. it depends on the requirement from the clients.. :)

v said...

Oh? Well, I must say, is a slim chance to get Anyway, thanks.

v said...

Oh. I really really hope I'll get that chance then.