Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sushi King 1Borneo

On the 21st of January, I went to the grand launching of Sushi King Restaurant, in 1Borneo. That was the day where I think I ate the most raw fish ever! Brilliant Experience..! Well I know It's labelled as a grand opening, but at my mind, I thought it was just a normal, come to taste the food, type. When Actually, it was held at the end court of 1B, with nice traditional performances and was attended by Datuk Masidi, and the Chairman of Sushi King himself, Tan Sri Fumiko Konishi.

Back then, I used to play 'tagung..'

The opening ceremony

I am, although not really an avid fan, but enjoys some exotic foods(not so exotic maybe in Japan) really was there for a treat. We were served with tummy stuffing yummy seafoods! I think I'm craving for more..

The Salmons..

Choo Choo food


Well overall, I think Sushi King, though abit pricy honestly for me, but does provides quality healthy foods. Well, thats just a normal price to pay aint it. The services provided are excellent too..
True to their words, They served us with smiles. Kay as my assistant kunun.. hehe

I would love to thanks miss Jacq, for inviting me, and my friend mr Wendell, which onfortunately couldnt make it for some other important matters. Much Condolence for her lost too!

Others who is worth mentioning for making Sushi King a most preferred Sushi Restaurants are:-
Akihiko Hijioka, the Deputy Managing Director.
Law Hwee Ching, General Manager
Susumu Sakamaki, Chief Executive Chef/Director
Yasuhiro Nishida, Managing Director
Susan Yee Chai Ling, Asst. business development Manager
and Sharyn Lee Chuen Chuen, as a Marketing Officer.

Well, thats the only business card I got..

Well after the feeding frenzy, Me and Kay continued 'pusing-pusing' at 1borneo, And since the place was decorated with for the CNY theme, I might as well make use of my camera.

Soon afterwards, Janet came by and joined the fun!

Will be posting more pics of this two girls, and the others on the Miss Oriental event which they took part in


marilyn said...

Hi roy!

thanks for the post!

the first few posts that I came across since the opening. thanks!

I am actually part of the team that organised this event. btw, I'm Marilyn from SUSHI KING head office, Marketing department. i was at the event too and remembered you vaguely.. :)

I'm doing a write up too for our Texchem group magazine.Would like to get ur permission if i could get some of the pictures from you.

do let me know thru my email..otherwise i hope it means you don't mind *wink*

Marilyn Lim

roy2lips said...

sure2.. u got an email.. hehe