Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jeffy Jeff's Model search..

Well recently i get to collaborate with an uprising local talent of a makeup artist!.. his job is superb, and had touched up quite a few soon-to-be brides, and also for fashions..

Well you can check his works on his blog.. ..

"I'm not perfect but I try to make the best out of everything.-Jeff-" And if you see it for yourself, Everything is the best from him!

Recently he had been doing a project, or some sorta activities where he been doing a model search for a photoshoot.. how glad I am to be able to work with him with a three very energetic, young and playfull model... I'll be introducing them in photos momentarily.. but first, introducing to you, the organizer and Make up artist himself,..

he forgot to do his trademark pose, holding his brush!

Well.. the first model is Tiara. She had a more tanned skin tone, brilliant! her style is more 'ayu-ayu', but at the same time so jumpy.. hehehe

And then comes Shirley.. the most flexible of the bunch.. and she really knows how to pose!

Finally is Kelly.. She only needs to stand there, but still I can get good shots of her..

And the three of them together.. Sweet!

Ok, so there were few guys around.. the bodyguards! but they're cool.. hehe

Overall, I guess its a great night out for a photoshoot. Although at first we planned to do it at the Funfair, near karamunsing. But since it been raining like heck, we had to do it indoor. So we went to Marina Club, Sutera Harbour.. So these sessions were done there! Cheerios!


Isa said...

itu last pic lawa gila la ging...

Girllyen 'TM' said...

ya.. lawa.. hehehe..

roy2lips said...

tenkiu2.. saja2 ja main2 bokeh tue.. heheh